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Is La Scala now worth less than the Bastille?

Amid French satisfaction at landing a respected chief for the Paris Opera, replacing Nicolas Joel, there is some stupefaction that Stephane Lissner should be trading in his job as head of La Scala for a hot seat at the Bastille.

His compatriot Dominique Meyer, who is head of the Vienna Opera, turned down the Bastille when approached in July. Vienna, he reckons, is a more prestigious and challenging job. So why is Lissner quitting Milan?

La Scala would once have been considered the top of the tree. How has it fallen so low?

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  1. Kundry's Therapist says:

    It’s in Italy. Their economy is a disaster….

  2. Paris, Vienna and Milan are all snake-pits. Nothing to choose between them!!

  3. Graf Nugent says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a reflection on La Scala’s status. I remember Nicolas Joel saying words to the effect of ‘As a Frenchman, you don’t turn down the Bastille’. Maybe Lissner feels the same way.

  4. Graf Nugent says:

    After nine years in Italy, maybe Lissner feels ready for a new challenge. Dominique Meyer still has a lot of unfinished business in Vienna. In any case, Meyer has already held a leading post in Paris, whereas Lissner has not.

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