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Half the finalists in the world’s richest violin contest are Korean

The International Joseph Joachim Competition is down to the last six contestants, and three of them are from South Korea.

The others are, respectively, Japanese, Moldavian and German.

The finals are tomorrow and Friday in Hannover. You can watch live streaming (and quite a few session videos) here.

When the final vote is in, the six will share prizes worth 140,000 Euros ($180,600) – the biggest fiddle pot on earth.

The lucky six are:

Alexandra Conunova-Dumortier Moldova
Tobias Feldmann Germany
Bomsori Kim South Korea
Dami Kim South Korea
Airi Suzuki Japan
In Mo Yang South Korea

The Moldavian finalist Alexandra Conunova-Dumortier

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  1. Norman, why did you put only the photo of this girl? It is not fair to the other finalists. Bomsori Kim is the absolute favorite to win this competition.

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I think she is the first one listed because of alpha-order and a logical choice for a sample photo. I doubt that Norman was expressing a preference. The web-site is, btw, excellent and worth exploring (German and English versions).

    Although they list the country of origin, at least a few of these finalists have been studying for a long time in other countries. I know of one finalist who is listed as South Korean who has studied exclusively in the USA. I also recognize a few who didn’t make the first cut who have won other competitions. These events can be interesting but not always decisive for having a career. But, the prize money will certainly make the down-payment on a decent fiddle. (or pay for a good bow).

  3. I feel sorry for those two guys, and envy them at the same time, but they have no chance at this violin/beauty contest! Just take a look!
    Dami Kim –
    Bomsori Kim –
    Airi Suzuki –×397.jpg

  4. And speaking of the beauty and the violin, this Norwegian string-fairy ( just arrived to Zagreb to participate in the 7th Zagreb international chamber music festival (we call it here Zagreb.kom – “kom” being short for “komorna muzika” – meaning chamber music in Croatian).
    Interesting opening of the festival will be the “Eight Seasons” concert in which Vilde Frang, Susanna Yoko Henkel (German-Japanese-Croatian violinist, winner of the German Echo prize 2011, cofounder and artistic director of the festival), Stefan Milenkovich and Boris Brovtsyn, all of them superb musicians and violinists, will change leading the ensemble in Vivaldi’s and Piazzola’s seasons.
    More here:

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