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Good news: classical critic gets his job back

Sadly, it’s not Allan Kozinn on the shameless New York Times. Not yet.

But this is a nice little revivalist yarn, nonetheless.

Two years ago, Timothy Mangan on the Orange County Register was told that he was being reassigned to a a celebrity column, in addition to his concert duties. Coverage of classical music across OC and Los Angeles shrank accordingly.

Then the newspaper got sold. The new owner took a look and decided that Tim was better off doing what he does best. Here’s this week’s announcement of the restoration of classical precedence. And here’s how it came about. Good for Tim, good for OC, good for newspapers.

Here’s Tim (right) posing with SuperTim Page, courtesy of soul-sister operachic.

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  1. Now: Ed Seckerson back at the Indie, please.

    • Tristan Jakob-Hoff says:

      I’m not sure Ed wants the Indy back. . . they didn’t exactly treat him with respect.

  2. Francis Schwartz says:

    SPES VINCIT THRONUM! This news brightens the day.

  3. Great news–Tim is terrific!

  4. Yippee!

  5. Aunt Laurel says:

    What Jeffrey said!

  6. Martin Bernheimer says:

    Tim is the best. But we’ve known that for a long time.

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