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Empty seats at Covent Garden to greet the Queen?

This morning, there are still some £200 and £500 seats available for tonight’s royal fund-raising gala and dinner featuring, among others, Roberto Alagna, Angela Gheorghiu and Bryn Terfel.

You can’t buy seats for a night like this. You have to ring the development department, which can be a costly conversation. But if you want to go, call 020 7212 9469.

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  1. I see no mention of whom the gala is supposed to benefit. Does the queen need the money? Why doesn’t she say so. Or is it for combatting Aids in Swaziland? There’s a big arc between those extremes. And why are the seats empty? Couldn’t they just take the seats out, then the auditorium would be filled. Besides, who has 500 pounds these days?

  2. Victoria Clarke says:

    More elitist nonsense. No wonder classical music has a bad reputation. They should fill the empty seats with homeless people. :/

  3. Graham Harris says:

    It is to provide the expenses of a new Chair in Parasitology
    to enhance the impoverished circumstances of the Regina
    Apis Mellifera.

  4. Tom Brooks says:

    I went last night ( £18 in the Upper Slips which I felt was excellent value) and the place was packed – I did not see any empty seats at all. Excellent gala with Bryn Terfel among others on top form. Royal ballet stars also very good. It was wonderful to see and hear Arvo Part Pour Alina performed live on stage. Sadly Eva Maria Westbroek was unwell and cancelled but apart from that it went without a hitch.

  5. Hold on. I’ll just have a look in my ragged old snuffbox, see if there’s a spare £500 inside.

    Trick or Treat ?

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