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Eight more enter America’s classical Hall of Fame

The 2012 admissions are

composer Steve Reich

conductor David Zinman

pianist Emmanuel Ax

the Beaux Arts Trio (yay!) – the most durable chamber group on record

- choral conductor Dale Warland

- guru to US composers Nadia Boulanger

- the Philadelphia Orchestra (yawn)

- Opera America


Read all about it from Jane Gelfand here.

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  1. Michael Endres says:

    Norman,I can’t help it,but that kind of news makes me yawn so much,I think I have to lie down.

  2. DALE Warland?

  3. Some may yawn, others, notably, those located in the USA who still love music, get a strong feeling of nausea from this.

  4. harold braun says:

    The Philadelphia Orchestra really deserves it,as any orchestra triumphing over crap management,like the Detroit Symphony too for instance.. I think arrogant smug comments on musicians who put their asses on the line are really out of place here

    • Michael Endres says:

      ….let’s give it to the Detroit as well then,or better: let’s put all those orchestras in the hall of fame who battled with crap management. It will be a crowded place then,this hall of fame……

      • William Safford says:

        Alternatively, maybe there should be a “Hall of Shame” for those examples of “crap management”….

  5. And I thought the classical (Wal-)hall of Fame in the US is burning as we speak? Who wants to be in a burning hall?

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