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Picture update – Christian Thielemann: ‘I’m done with violin barbies and cello babes’

The German conductor has come up with a killer soundbite in a Die Presse interview.

‘When I see some of the pictures,’ he says, ‘I say to myself: are they posing for soft-porn?’

Read it here.

And look who’s just tuned up….

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  1. Stuart Green says:

    Ofra Harnoy was the first and worst,at least she’s sunk without trace.

    • Jake Harnoy says:

      Not exactly.
      The facts do not support your allegation;
      Besides, She will surely be long remembered after you will sunk without trace.

    • DrewLewis says:

      Vanished without trace?

      From this week, an article entitled “Ofra Harnoy back, after a whole other stage”:

      “Eight years ago, her mother developed leukemia and Harnoy cared for her until her death five years ago.
      Now that her responsibilities at home have lessened, Harnoy is returning to the spotlight on Sept. 25 in a concert with pianist Anton Kuerti that opens the 2011-2012 Mooredale Concerts season. The 3:15 p.m. Walter Hall concert is not the resumption of an intensive concert tour, Harnoy warns, adding she sees it more as “putting my toe back in the water.”

      “I am only playing if it makes me happy and I enjoy playing with the people,” says Harnoy, who took her family on an extensive European vacation this summer and resumed musical friendships in Vienna and other places. These visits sparked conversations about future performances, but Harnoy is still mulling over her future.

      Nursing her mother through a terminal illness — at the end Harnoy moved Carmen into her home — “changed me as a human being and improved my music.”

      Now she expects that her personal experiences will bring further depth and intensity to her playing; to her mind, “If you’re living in a bubble, you’ve got nothing to put in the music.”

      She says she feels no push to resume a full schedule and isn’t worried that people will forget about her.

      “I’m still young at 46. After all, Pablo Casals played until he was almost 100.”

    • At the time of her debut for RCA, in the late 80′s, I lived in Toronto, where she moved from Israel, early in live. Whole city was plastered in posters of her each release, and we were losing taste very quickly.

  2. Amusing observation from Thilelmann but surely it’s merely an amplification of a tendency in the way classical music has been marketed?
    From the recent past : alluring photos of Pogorelich,Weissenberg, Kocsis ,Beroff, and Frantz (Bernstein’s one time lover) spring to mind….and that’s only male pianists.
    Each of them is an artist of substance, maybe Thielmann is arguing that the photogenic is placed before talent?

  3. I wonder if he thinks the same about Nicola Benedetti or Anne-Sophie Mutter. Or do all musicians need to look like Gidon Kremer?

  4. Perhaps someone could introduce him to Kathryn Jenkins! If he gets her banned as well it will give even more people a break!!!

  5. I saw a video of Yuja Wang performing in Helsinki in a form fitting-dress so short that I was honestly worried the she was going inadvertently flash her knickers at the audience when she stood up from the piano bench to take a bow. Her hug with conductor Hannu Lintu was a somewhat hair-raising. Lintu is very tall and he was still standing on the podium, so the pint-size pianist had to reach way up, despite her very high heels. Mind you, I’m gay and I wasn’t looking forward to seeing any more of Ms. Wang uncovered. Anyway, I thought her performance of Tchaikovsky’s first concert was just brilliant, regardless of whether she was wearing clothes or not.

  6. Simon Morgan says:

    It’s actually taken from an excellent, very interesting and much fuller review with the German weekly DIE ZEIT.

  7. It’s abit discriminatory?

  8. …when further pressed, Mr Thielemann declined to answer whether he was also done with viola Kens and contrabass dudes.

  9. I love Christian Thielemann!

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