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Breaking: Alberto Vilar is granted bail

The munificent opera donor Alberto Vilar is expected to walk free from jail in the next few days. The Appeals Court has  instructed district court judge Richard Sullivan to set bail conditions, which are likely to be tough.

But Vilar’s attorneys won all the arguments against the government’s case to keep him in jail and the case against him is looking shakier by the day.

Expect to see Albert back at the Met before long. Expect Valery Gergiev to utter whoops of joy. He is the only one of Vilar’s opera friends who stuck by him through this process. Others, like Placido Domingo and Michael Kaiser who drew millions in Vilar donations, have been conspicuously silent.

Here’s the official order:

At a stated term of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, held
at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, in the City of New York,
on the 2nd day of October, two thousand twelve,
Jon O. Newman,
Josè A. Cabranes,
Chester J. Straub,
Circuit Judges.
United States of America,
v. 10-521(L),
Alberto Vilar and Gary Alan Tanaka 10-4639-cr(CON)
The motion for bail pending appeal is GRANTED and the case is REMANDED to the District
Court for consideration and entry of a bail order setting appropriate conditions. For this limited purpose,
the mandate shall issue forthwith.
For the Court:
Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe
Clerk of Court
Case: 10-4639 Document: 190 Page: 1 10/02/2012 736095 1

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  1. Latchezar Christov says:

    I will speak my mind on this excuse for a human being. He asked me to refer prospects to his firm who then became clients. We had a contractual agreement on how Amerindo would compensate me. Vilar, of course, chose to ignore the agreement and collected millions through my referrals without paying me. I sued him in Arbitration and won but could not collect the award as there was a technicality involved that had to be cleared by the SEC. In the meantime, he was arrested so that was that.

    I trust the legal system will work and put him back where he belongs. He is a thief and a liar and deserves the full term of his punishment if not more.

    • Rodrigo Caruso says:

      If I understand your problem, the release of Vilar is good for you. Now you can collect the arbitration award. You should be delighted that he is out of jail. Is there a part of this that you have not explained?
      Maybe you want him back in jail AFTER you have collected.

      • Latchezar Christov says:

        I suspect that I may have to get in line in addition to having to deal with the SEC since no disclosures were made that he had promised to share fees.

        I will, nevertheless, try to get in line. I do hope that he goes back to jail as people like him have all sorts of skeletons in their closet that were not discovered. What he went to jail for was deserved and he should go back for that including more that was never dealt with. A seriously devious and insecure person that Vilar. Maybe he even liked opera but I would,’t bet on that either.

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