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Atlanta: the bitterness rises

Musicians in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra have, we are told, refused to attend a season-opening soiree with donors, supporters, local bigwigs and members of their much-hated management.

The players were forced to their knees in the recent lockout, made to pay for a $20 million deficit racked up by present and past chief executives. There will be further demonstrations of their rancour. The music has gone sour in Atlanta. Here‘s a fresh post from a chorus member.

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  1. Tamara Meinecke says:

    And who can blame them? Would YOU want to party with the people who did this to you?

  2. I believe that post is by a supportive member of the ASO Chorus, not one of the players. It’s a chorus-run website and this writer is one of the admins.

  3. briang in atl says:

    The music has gone sour in Atlanta? I don’t think that’s necessarily true. The closing words of the musicians’ press release after signing the agreement was:
    “The musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra have agreed to these deep concessions for one reason alone, and that is to do what they do best: continue to play great music for their public at an extraordinarily high level.”

  4. Stuart Green says:

    Sack the people who caused the problem,the management,just like Tony Woodcock does wherever he goes. How is it these total incompetents keep getting highly paid jobs?

  5. The action of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra should not be blamed. Instead, the executives should be brought to task.

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