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Armenia’s composer king has died at 92

Edward Mirzoyan published very few works of music, though they were widely performed in his own country and in the former Soviet Union.

That may be because Mirzoyan spent much of lie life as president of the Armenian Composers union from 1956 to 1991, a position in which he exercised unchallenged rights of patronage and punition. To his credit, he appears to have been less of an autocrat than Russia’s Tikhon Khrennikov.  Mirzoyan’s passing has been mourned by the Armenian president, Sargsyan.

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  1. Having known Edward Mirzoyan and having conducted many times in Armenia I am well aware of Mirzoyan’s impact on the cultural life of Armenia. Edward Mirzoyan was loved by his colleagues and adored by the people of Armenia. His efforts as the president of the Armenian Composers’ Union have greatly improved the lives and the creativity of Armenian composers.

    As a composer he was brilliant, imaginative, full of surprises, fantasy and inspiration. In his last twenty years he has written more than is known in the West. This is partly due to the state of post-Soviet music publishing industry. As a composition teacher in the Komitas Conservatory he guided many composers and was always active in the artistic community. He will be missed.

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