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An orchestra made out of sea water

The Duke of Edinburgh is about to open a new marine building at Plymouth University, so a member of its contemporary music faculty, Alexis Kirke, has composed a dedicatory piece fr the occasion.

It’s for sea waves in an enclosed tank and it lasts 12 minutes. The Duke, whose tolerance of new stuff was never great, may find that a bit much.

If Dr Kirke would like to send Slipped Disc a soundbite, we’d be happy to incorporate it.

Read more here.

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  1. In the source article, a very interesting underlying idea is mentioned:

    [Dr. Alexis says:] “The Marine Institute has several artists-in-residence, and our role it is to communicate the power of marine science through the medium of art.”

    I like this approach, although (and/or because) it’s clearly not “l’art pour l’art”.

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