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Alberto Vilar walks free – first picture

This is the world’s biggest opera benefactor leaving the Manhattan court house yesterday (Weds) after being set free on bail. His appeal against conviction for conspiracy to commit fraud will be heard in the coming months, and star attorney Alan Dershowitz is involved the defence. The case looks increasingly shaky. Vilar received a nine-year sentence, of which he has served four.

On the courthouse steps he looks a little older than I remember and a good deal less dapper, but that should change with a few days of home comforts.

photo (c) Lebrecht Music& Arts, rights protected, no unauthorised use

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  1. Good Ladies of Opera and Ballet says:

    Good Alberto let the Evil Ladies of Greed beat him in the early rounds but he came back with the Good Ladies of Law and delivered his punch. No money for the Evil Ladies of Greed. Go away Lilly the Witch and the Mayer Spinsters. Together these evil Ladies of Greed thought they could bring down Good Alberto. He’ll hath no fury like scorned women. He is real tough Cubano, that Good Alberto.
    His partner, Gary the Fast Jockey, is not too far behind. He planned a wallop of a Pearl Harbor on the Evil Ladies of Greed.
    Instead of going to meet Prince Charles for lunch, now Prince Charles wants lunch at UN Plaza. Sorry Charlie, you and Camilla can go have lunch with Latchezar. Camilla is no lady; should have given up cigarettes a long time ago. Diana, that was a Princess, a bit loose but a Princess, maybe a loose Princess.
    What a disappointment Karen was. The Princess from Harvard? No way. Loose. Gold digger.

    Maureen Bush and Karen Briggs
    The Good Ladies of Opera and Ballet
    Riverdale Retirement Residence

    • John Burke says:

      Good Alberto? Are you serious? Tough Cubano? He not only stole money from Lily Cates, but he stole from his sister, his family. He wasn’t born in Cuba. Get the facts right before you praise a manipulating, delusional sociopath who is incapable of being honest with anyone let alone himself.

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