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A model for US orchs? Scots players form a co-op

Members of the Scottish Opera orchestra, reduced to part-time working, have formed their own hire business. See here.

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  1. Malcolm James says:

    It’ll never catch on since it smacks of socialism! To paraphrase Michael Moore, they might prefer to be out of work to being un-American.

  2. Malcolm, stand corrected.

    I happen to personally know Michael Moore and he is the epitome of the greedy capitalist.

  3. David Hardie says:

    To say that the Americans will not do anything that has even a whiff of socialism I find odd.

    Australia is not a country of card carrying Communists but we are more socialist than the USA.

    For any industrial action in the context of an Australian orchestra, let alone a strike or a lock-out is, next to unheard-of.

    To suggest that American orchestral musicians are die-hard tea party members is not consistent with current events.

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