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Just in: A madman runs amok at Los Angeles Opera

We’ve received this disturbing report from Greg von Notias. Werte you there? did you see anything? There’s no mention of it in local media.

I was at a performance last night at Los Angeles Opera, at about 20 minutes into the opera a schizophrenic young man, started having a freak out. He started to climb over the rows of people, at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. When I noticed what was going on, he was stepping into my row. There was a empty seat next to me, and he opted to get over right there. I had no idea what to think about this, when I saw him, he was wearing black sunglasses, that is in the darkened theater, no expression on his face. As he approached me, I stood up, to then receive a blow on my left cheek, bottom mandable. It chipped a part of one of my teeth.

I ran out immediately to tell the ushers to call the police, they are there at every performance, but he got out, and made it into the plaza where he attacked 3 other people.

A lady was taken to the hospital that he smashed in the face outside in the plaza. I tell you, it was the oddest night I have had yet at an opera.

UPDATE: Here‘s what happened next.

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  1. One of my favourite operas is Le Grand Macabre by Ligeti. Had the madman run amok in a piece like that it would’ve left the audience member wondering if it was part of the drama.

  2. The melodramas of opera are but a pale imitation of real life.

  3. Nope. But at our concert it’s the orchestra that runs amok. Catch us if you are in town this Saturday.

  4. I think Mr. von Notias has no basis nor competence to ascribe a diagnosis of schizophrenia to the gentleman in question. Suffice to say he was disturbed. What was the opera?

    • liz von notias says:

      the mother of the person who went on the “rampage” was there.. she had full knowledge of her son’s diagnosis.. Mr Greg Von Notias didn’t diagnose this man.. he got the information from the mother. The opera was Don Giovanni.

  5. Sounds like a very upsetting event, but it’s not very useful to any understanding of mental illness to use the phrase “madman”.

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