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Very bad day for culture: Hunt appoints crony to ACE

In a two-fingered gesture to the arts community and public probity, the outgoing Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has appointed his friend and advisor Peter Bazalgette to the chairmanship of Arts Council England.

Bazalgette is a pioneer of trash television, the entrepreneur who brought Big Brother to Britain. He cultivated Hunt assiduously and the crony-prone minister responded in kind. His successor was given no say in the matter.

The appointment, approved by Downing Street, is a clear sign that the Cameron government no longer abides by the Nolan rules of transparency in public appointments. It is bad for politics, bad for Britain, horrendous for the arts. Hunt’s name goes down in ignominy.

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  1. Once Hunt lands flat on his”Bazalgette” perhaps he can join George Galloway on Big Brother for a very memorable episode. But please, no unitard.

  2. Richard Hallam says:

    Hear, hear!

  3. One last shameful act by a disgraceful Culture Secretary. My personal view is that lack of integrity has been the dominant feature of the way this department has been run this parliament. When wrong things happen politicians self justify themselves with all manner of spin doctor cliches but the public are not stupid.

    Is the prime minister a man or mouse in approving this appointment? I think I hear lots of loud squeaks in Downing Street
    Mr Cameron, you must remember there are voters out there and some of us will consider your government’s approach to handling culture at the next election. At the moment it’s not looking good.

  4. Michael Hurshell says:

    I don’t have enough information to make a helpful or shrewd comment, but would like to quote a wise man, Graham Chapman, who once said: “Over 8 % of the population will always be mice.”

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