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UK composer says Mexico City is safer than London streets

Michael Nyman has sounded off in his former local newspaper, in the North London borough of Islington. He proclaims that his new Mexico City home district has less crime than Upper Street and that it has not suffered a blight of corporate homogenisation.

The second part of this statement may well be true. I have my doubts about the first.

Large parts of Mexico are gang-ridden and lawless.¬†Michael is well aware that the Mexican authorities have done nothing to secure the release of a conductor, Rodolfo Cazares,¬†who was kidnapped in July 2011. I very much hope that security is tight around Michael’s new home.

Here‘s what he writes. He’s giving a farewell concert to Islington on Dec. 10.

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  1. From Wikipedia (yes, I know it’s not entirely reliable):

    “Mexico has both the largest population of gated community dwellers in the world and the largest number of gated community dwellers as a percentage of national population. It is estimated that there are 56.8 million Mexicans living in gated communities as of 2010.”

    I don’t know whether this is true, or whether Michael Nyman lives in one. Perhaps he doesn’t. I’ve lived in modest parts of London since 1971 and in SE London since 1980 and I’ve never been the victim of any crime whatsoever. Perhaps I’m just extremely lucky.

  2. I have lived in Mexico for the last fourteen years and just spent a nice weekend in Mexico City. I found it quite safe. Mind you, there are lots of places I would not go in Mexico City. I tend to stay in and around the Polanco area. Mexico City is very affordable for a city of its size. Norman, I don’t think that saying “Large parts of Mexico are gang-ridden and lawless,” is quite accurate. There is crime everywhere. Two visitors from Chicago asked me to honestly tell them about crime in the town I live in (an affluent enclave) and I just replied, “guys, you’re from Chicago where thirty or forty people get shot in a typical weekend! You aren’t even going to notice the small amount of crime we have!”

    Here is my post on Mexico City:

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