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Might your piano sound better with a few licks of colour?

The marvellous young pianist Alexandra Silocea tells me she has been playing a Steinway that has had a massive makeover.

It’s a work of art by Maria Ines Aguirra and you can read more about it on Alexandra’s blog. You can also see video of herself and other soloists testing out the colour range. Scriabin would have died for a piano like this.

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  1. Nah, I’d prefer black or any monochrome like walnut, cream or white. The point is some music doesn’t lend itself to such pastel colors – too much of a distraction for me!

  2. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    Norman, here in Vancouver, Canada, back in 2009 a young Haida artist, Jay Simeon, masterfully transformed a New York Steinway D…

    The link to the artist statement:

    The link to the artist:

  3. I can tell you it’s stunning! You’re inspired just by looking at it! MIA is incredible. And I think Stravinsky and Diaghilev would have loved it too! It was great playing Prokofiev on the “Dancing Soul”!

  4. I was so happy and honoured that Alexandra played ‘Dancing Soul’. She’s brilliant and her playing brought the piano alive in an amazing way. Great to feel that Scriabin would have liked it. Since part of my ideas for the piano came from les Ballets Russes, I hope Diaghilev would have liked it too! Altogether a fantastic experience to paint the piano in situ at Steinway Hall (‘Planet Piano’ for me) with the support and encouragement of Steinway and surrounded by so many unique musicians. Inolvidable!!!

  5. This reminds of the wonderful Pop Up Pianos placed around New York City. I have loved them.

  6. Stephen Carpenter says:

    I’m excited by this. I think thus would work with Haydn, onward. Would love to see it tested with Bach (eventhough the piano was not available to him but he gets played on it). thinking specifically of Goldberg Variations or Die K√ľnst der Fuge. Not sure how it would affect the sound. Interestingly, in the far away views, the colors are much more nuanced. I’m thinking it’s a good thing, and black is my favorite color next to magenta.

  7. No updates to the blog today? What happened?

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