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Madrid opera opening disrupted by sacked workers

The opening night at the Teatro Real – a high-wire performance of Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron – suffered disruptions from ten workers dismissed as part of the theatre’s economic cuts.

The workers and their union distributed a leaflet with the following message:

“Dear Royal Theatre audience: at the end of last July, the Royal Theatre workers decided not to vote on the latest proposal of the FIR to change our working conditions. The company claimed that we decide something as important when a large number of workers was already enjoying their well deserved holiday, so it was not possible to make any decisions agreed by all staff. In addition, the offer was linked to the recognition by us of the famous million-euro debt, (a financial claim caused by the disastrous management of the above directors and is currently in the courts) and a threat of dismissal if we did not accept the same.

In response to our decision, just days after 10 workers were laid off, a totally arbitrary act that has produced an unfair job losses and unnecessary.

We will try to correct this by opening a new dialogue with the theater management to our colleagues are reinstated, but please note that, failing that, to the opera season this year could be seriously compromised.

Sincerely, the staff of the Royal Theatre. “

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