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London pianist plays out against Turkey’s blasphemy trial

The composer and pianist Fazil Say will go on trial in Turkey next month on the medieval charge of ‘insulting religious values’ – blasphemy, in other words. Fazil, an atheist, sought the right to express his own convictions. He has announced that he is leaving Turkey, probably to settle in Japan.

His compatriot¬†AyseDeniz Gokcin is trying to raise awareness of the issue by playing one of Fazil’s trademark pieces, ¬†Alla Turca Jazz, on any pianos she happens to find left on a street corner. Like this. Cool, with a chilling backdrop.

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  1. AyseDeniz, that is awesome. Reminds me of some of Art Tatum’s arrangements. Vladimir Horowitz used to go to his concerts and be full of admiration, so anyone that is snnobbish about jazz arrangements shouldn’t be. I struggle to play the original Mozart, so to do that with it is amazing. Let’s hope Fazil gets a fair trial – Turkey should be celebrating his talent, not trying to imprison him.

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