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Just in: Kent Nagano lands another new job

Der Spiegel and several news agencies have obtained confirmation of long-standing rumours that the US conductor will succeed Simone Young in 2015 as general music director in Hamburg. He has just stepped down as chief at Bavarian State Opera.

Nagano is also music director in Montreal and artistic advisor to the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

We hope none of them feel short-changed.

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  1. If anyone feels short-changed, Norman, please tell them that I am available!

  2. Given that Nagano has held the Montreal and Bavarian jobs concurrently for some time, with considerable success, and this blog was critical of the limited time given to Gothenburg, it is somewhat hypocritical to now suggest someone is going to be short-changed.

  3. Emil Archambault says:

    16 weeks in Montreal, 16 in Hamburg, 7 in Göteborg = 39?

    I suspect he’ll cut down on guest appearances.

    Besides, that is not even confirmed by the Hamburg Opera yet. the OSM spokesperson has declared the German press articles to be “completely false” (says Christophe Huss in Le Devoir).

    • According to German news agency DPA, quoting the spokesman for Hamburg’s cultural authority, Enno Isermann, “a decision has not yet been made.”
      Talks were still ongoing, Isermann said, refusing to divulge any names. And negotiations could still last weeks, he added.

  4. Petros Linardos says:

    Nagano will have three positions in 2015 only if he renews Göteborg: he just started there on a three year contract.

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