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OMG! BBC chief to become head of New York Times

Mark Thompson, who steps down as BBC director-general in September, has been named president and chief executive of the Times.

Mark has been hinting that he wanted to spend more time in the US, where hbis wife’s family live. But taking on the sinking Times after a successful spell at the BBC is a very big challenge for one who comes from outside its culture.

Let’s wish him an interesting time.

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  1. richard carlisle says:

    Any study in desperation involving an entanglement of frustration
    could be considered “interesting” and there is a guarantee of
    that…but to pull off a bolstering of any newspaper in this time of
    collective calamitous conditions prevailing throughout a fatiqued
    industry would be magical… he won’t likely be disappointed since he
    could hardly be expecting much of an outcome.

    Perhaps he IS a magician…. we’ll see.

  2. Did not know Mark has an interest in paleontology. That’s one mighty dinosaur he will be taking on.

  3. Greg Hlatky says:

    “[Thompson] will be paid a base salary of $1 million, a sum that will be substantially padded by assorted perks, bonuses and benefits.

    “When he starts work in November, the 55-year-old will be eligible for a $3 million signing-on bonus, $100,000 in relocation allowances, $25,000 for legal fees and $333,000 in salary and bonuses until the end of this year.

    “In 2013 he will also be eligible for $1 million a year under the company’s annual incentive program and be able to tap $3 million as part of the company’s long-term incentive program, bringing the total to nearly $8.5 million.” (

    They told me if I voted Republican then top executives at failing companies would be raking in millions amid layoffs… and they were right!

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