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Olympians killed in the Nazi genocide (silence from the IOC)

The Yad Vashem commemoration museum is staging an exhibition of sportsmen and women who were murdered or exiled in the Nazi holocaust. Among them are several Olympic competitors.

The most tragic case is that of Attila Petschauer, a Hungarian Olympic Fencer with gold and silver medals, who was put to death in a concentration camp by a former Olympic Games teammate. His story is told in  István Szabó’s 1999 film Sunshine, with a haunting Schubert four-hand Fantasy at the heart of Maurice Jarre’s score.

So much for the IOC’s Olympian myths and phony ideals.

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  1. This adds context to the IOC’s refusal to memorialize the victims of the Munich massacre.

  2. Jpost article about Petschauer (horrible):

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