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Last minute: Atlanta Symphony fails to reach agreement with musicians. Lockout looms.

The players’ contract expired yesterday. The 93 musicians had been told that unless they took a 25 percent pay cut to pay for spiralling $20 million losses, they would be locked out of the concert hall and receive no salary or health benefits.

Many are looking for jobs elsewhere. Atlanta, as of this moment, is without an orchestra.

To catch up on this enveloping crisis, see

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  1. First the hockey team, now the orchestra. What’s next? Coca-cola goes bankrupt?!

  2. This is just horribly sad. Moreover, the mismanagement and/or complacency that allowed this to happen makes me beyond angry.

  3. These are the lasting effects of “The Vulgamore Legacy” and the gross financial & operational work of an overpaid bunch of Vulgamore cronies and management charlatans who have duped the Symphony board for years. Chronic annual losses of more than $3 million each and an accumulated debt fast approaching $20 million. Executive compensation has soared while staff has been furloughed, budgets cut and musicians (even after give backs) expected to take a major wage/benefit hit to make up for good, old mismanagement. The ASO meltdown is comparable, in the arts world, to the malfeasance that tanked AIG, Lehman Bros, Enron and a host of others in the corporate world. Place the blame squarely where it belongs: Vulgamore, Romanstein, Fox, Wade, Sparrow, Hogle, Mirageas. The board should throw them out the door – they can’t tell their basses from their oboes.

  4. Both sides are saying negotiations are still ongoing. We aren’t without an orchestra… yet.

  5. Justin, take heart. Give the unions time at Coke, they’ll drive it out of business, too. To blame this disaster on management salary increases – and I’ld like to see proof of even that – is a red herring. Musicians in an orchestra have no inherent right to whatever goodies they snap their fingers for.

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