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Husband’s pics of boss’s girlfriend set Salzburg tongues wagging

It wouldn’t be Salzburg without salacious content.

The tittle-tattle this year is that the husband of Daniela Weisser, 25, arm-candy girlfriend of festival boss Alexander Pereira, 64, has crawled unexpectedly out of the Brazilian woodwork.

Worse, it turns out he’s a Playboy photographer with a suitcase full of Daniela sessions before she started wearing outfits. Oskar Weisser is 75 and claiming he’s still married to the lady.

Is this not the stuff of which operas are made?

The happy couple (centre and right), courtesy

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  1. Isn’t that great ? From the slums of Manaus to the opening of the most jet-set festival it’s really a Cenrentola story. Many of the old tycoons would have loved to have the courage to do the same as Mr Perreira did and therefore they will hate him for this reason and all the botoxed women can only see her as the symbol of their worst nightmares. So, this gives an interesting twist to next year pfingsten festival which Ms Bartoli has in a premonitory way called Opfer which in German means at the same time sacrifice and victim.

    • to be fair, Opfer can mean a simple offering but I guess that is less journalistically titilating which in the circumstances seems appropriate enough, if hard on (oops) ms Bartoli.

  2. Petros Linardos says:

    Awesome basis for a libretto. I wonder what a eurotrash director would make out of it, what “Konzept” they would come up with.

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