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Has-been violinist changes his name to Mozart

You will have read here and elsewhere of the antics of Hahn Bin, the Korean pupil of Itzhak Perlman who styles himself ‘the Viagra of classical music’.

Well, the headlines haven’t been flowing thick enough for the spiky-haired hipster so he has decided to change his name.

Amadeus Leopold is the name I have chosen for my American citizenship,’ he has told the New Yorker.

Here’s some video entertainment.

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  1. Well, he does contribute a kind of revitalizing interest to the repertoire of sickeningly schmaltzy music that he seems to favor. Chicken-fat forever!

  2. Maybe he should wear a revealing dress on stage…

  3. Michael P Scott says:

    All I had to hear was that the daughter of George Dubya Bush thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread — “shaking up the world of classical music” — and MY mind was made up.

    I’m thinking that a Lang squared/Hahn-Bin duo could easily knock Jackie and Il Volo off the charts.


  4. A better choice would have been, “The Artist Previously Known as Has Been”

    But on the serious side, if you read the article, his level of delusion inside from self centered anti-reality bubble is quite clear. I don’t see any evidence of his way of playing (or the of the playing style from which he emanates) honoring Leopold Auer in any aspect.

  5. Does anyone here know how popular – or respected (not the same thing, I know) Hahn-Bin/Amadeus Leopold is within South Korea?

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