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Good news: Charles Ives’s house ‘will be saved from demolition’

We’ve had a message from the Charles Ives Society who, alerted by Zoe Martlew’s cri de coeur on Slipped Disc earlier this month, have formed an action committee and a Facebook campaign to save the heritage house from rampant developers. They (and we) expect to announce details shortly.

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  1. Alan Page says:

    The fact they would even consider such a thing is monstrous enough.

  2. SAM MIHAILOFF says:

    Either fix, repair and save or bulldoze…it is currently just blight

    For years, I’m talking forty plus talk and minor attempts to keep the house intact have occurred. Dis-repair and roof leaks caused a ceiling collapse and aside from some rodents nobody has been allowed inside in a number of years.

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