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Exclusive: ‘I never slept with Katherine Jenkins’

The Welsh mezzo-soprano who claims to be an opera singer despite never having sung in an opera has supposedly called in the police to look into death threats she allegedly received after she posted Twitter denials of an affair with a celebrated footballer.

The reasons for her denials are obscure. Apparently, she was the subject of some fantasy tweets. So in order to maximise awareness of the celebrity non-affair, she issued several denials and gave the tabloid press a feeding frenzy.

First denial: Dear Twitter friends, I’ve read some horrible rumours on here & want u 2 know I absolutely deny I’ve had an affair with David Beckham.

Second: I’ve only met David twice: once at the Military Awards in 2010 & on a night out in the West End in Feb 2012.

Third: Just so we are clear I have never been on my own with him and never arranged to meet up.

Now she has given the red-tops a second paroxysm of mock fury with the ‘death threats’ allegation.

If this singer devoted a fraction of the time to her voice that she applies to her publicity, we might be persuaded to take her seriously.

In the meantime, we feel it is important that the public should know that no-one at Slipped Disc has ever slept with Katherine Jenkins. Never even considered it. Wouldn’t do it if she was served up pouting on a bed of leeks singing early Mahler songs. Out of the question.

Thank you. Now off to tweet that denial.

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  1. I did!

  2. Relieved to hear it concerning the whole sleeping with KJ thing ……….

    PS I found this blog by Chris Gillet most eloquent on the whole KJ “phenomena”.

  3. Susan Bradley says:

    so that’s what it takes, eh Norman! A bed of leeks and a bit of a pout is all! To think I wasted money on the red velvet bustier and the fishnet tights, and practised all the Mahler 6 excerpts.

  4. I never slept with her either, Norman. Not even when she came begging me! “Off with you!” I said. “Why, you’re not even a proper singer.”

  5. Can Jenkins even sing early Mahler lieder? That would be a worthy news item in itself…

  6. I have a terrible confession to make. One night, after mixing my drinks and getting blind drunk, I lost all my inhibitions and …. and …. and …. listened to Katherine Jenkins.

    I feel dirty.

  7. She clearly does protest too much. I’m now convinced that she’s done teams of footballers.

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      No, the entire Welsh Rugby team surely. For moral support of course.
      She got a few top Bb’s that night!! lol

      • As a gay male, I don’t approve of rugby teams. All those missing teeth and broken noses… they’re rather like ice hockey teams here in Finland, and I will admit to doing a few (teams) myself, but would never sink so low as to tweet about it.

  8. Well, I have some leeks … hmmm … but no … I too must confess that I’ve never slept with her.

    Perhaps her operatic aspirations have been placed on hold for now. I mean, if the plot has somehow been mislaid…

  9. Richard Carlisle says:

    She’s making an effort at pitch control but singing direct from the throat without resonance and trying to compensate with excess vibrato… timber lessons from Jackie? Lessons from cabbage juice? Back to dancing? Maybe silent movies?

  10. I actually watched a video of her yesterday – the first time I had ever heard her – and had three questions:

    1. What language does she sing in?
    2. What happened to the musicality that I thought was an inherent trait of the Welsh (yes I know not really PC but…)
    3. How does all that silicone not melt under the hot stage lights?

    • Exactly! Those deadwood phrases sound like Czerny exercises. Even vocal faults can be excused when there is a feeling for the music.
      Oh, incidentally, what happened to the front of her gown? The same designer of some of Fleming’s stranger outfits?

    • You have doubtless heard of the late great Harry Secombe, aka Neddy Seagoon in {“the highly esteemed”) The Goon Show. You may have heard some of his singing (as an aside, I’d be interested if anyone recommends anything in particular by him, as I never followed up much on that, and always felt guilty that as a Goon fan, I somehow should have).

      The Goons had a bit of fun with Harry’s singing (along with his “huge, bloated Welsh body” to quote an oft-used line), and Harry was always up for it (looking back, Milligan, Sellers & Secombe all recalled the recording sessions as some of their fondest memories, and indeed some of their best moments of sheer, unadulterated happiness).

      For many years, I recalled one key thing from one of their shows, where Secombe (as Neddy Seagoon) sings deliberately off-key, and it became too much for one of them, with the uncontrolled laughter being left in the final recording. All I could remember was the off-key, the bass drum, and clearly failed effort of one of them to contain his laughter – I didn’t register who at the time. One day, courtesy of the internet, I found a site, and put these key cues out to a forum. Guess what? I got a response, and pinned down the episode.

      The episode was called “What’s My Line?” and is very memorable. If you can find a copy, have a listen. There is a segment, as I say, where Neddy Seagoon is singing off-key, and banging unmelodically on a bass drum. Grytpype-Thynne dryly asks him to “play it in another key boy”, at which Seagoon bangs the same tempo (that’s the word I was looking for in another post I think – hah), and bursts into song. Humour can produce moments of spontaneous beauty in the reaction of others, and this I think was one of those moments. While it was such a moment for someone else, it is a joy to listen to. I hope you can find it. You can find the script online, but that type of audio-based humour must be heard. Having heard it and created an audio memory, you can relive it, but you can’t experience it first-hand from text.

      Let’s not get too unkind with our own humour at Katherine Jenkins’ expense. If she’s suffering, she’s suffering, whatever the cause.

      • Victoria Clarke says:

        Steve, I fail to see what the Goon show, even the tenor Harry Secombe , has to do with Katherine Jenkins’ publicity stunts. When KJ sings off key, which she does sometimes, it is not intended for comic effect. It’s because she is lazy, her technique is poor, and her raging fan boys don’t know any different.
        There is nothing funny in cooking up a stupid, untrue, rumour on Twitter, then blaming other people, or ‘trolls’ for it. This is immature and pathetic, no matter how great an ‘opera singer’ she is.
        The fact is, she has a new album in the works, and probably will be ‘coaching’ on season 3 of PSTOS, so she’s frightened that no-one is looking at her. That’s why she needed the front page of all the major rags for two days running. This is going to run and run, the plan is for her to gain international fame, or notoriety, and if the plan wasn’t working we wouldn’t be talking about it now. The Goons were funny. KJ isn’t.

        • Victoria Clarke says:

          The late Harry Secombe on Highway 1991

          • Cheers. Thanks for that. I’ve listened and downloaded the clip. Somewhat tenuous link I know (but hey, life itself it tenuous and we just have to make what we can of it).

            But Katherine is a Welsh singer. Harry was also a Welsh singer, who happened to be more famous as a Goon than a singer. But have long had the impression his acclaim as a singer was deserved. Your/others thoughts on this?

            Some 44 years after I was first exposed to the Goons at age 9, when I went to live with my father, and the only entertainment we had was an old valve radio gramophone, here I am on a website dedicated to music of the classical/opera kind. And here I find people who are vastly more familiar with this genre than I am, and whose benchmarks are accordingly more sophisticated (here I use the term sophisticated in the sense of complexity and nuances etc relative to relatively comprehensive knowledge bases)

            So these are the people to raise unresolved questions pertaining to Harry Secombe the singer.

          • Victoria Clarke says:

            Steve, I’d love to stay and chat about Harry Secombe, but, I, think that’s a subject for another thread.

          • Cheers. Indeed it is something for another thread. One thing I seem to notice is an absence of commentary from anyone identifying as Welsh. That alone tells me something.

  11. I never slept with Florence Foster Jenkins

  12. Sandrey Date says:

    I think you are all a bit unfair to Katherine Jenkins. Whenever I have seen her speak on the subject, she is careful to point out in interview that she is not an opera singer – it’s everybody else who calls her that.

    • I’m afraid not. In recent interviews – see link – she has been happy to be called an opera singer and refrained from correcting the presenter.

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      Don’t you get it? She hired a very high profile publicist to promote her as an opera singer!! She doesn’t need to!!

  13. Tony Cole says:

    I am on this video. I won’t hear a bad word about her. That’s because I’m deaf. I know a good singer when I see one.

  14. Victoria Clarke says:

    I sent Norman this link. It made me depressed. I have been working really hard at improving my voice with some great teachers, I have worked personally with Martin Elliott, Evelyn Tubb and Rosa Mannion, and I feel upset and disturbed that someone like Katherine can achieve success with so little dedication to her work. I got a honours for my Fellowship Diploma this week to go with my BA, I have always taken myself seriously and dearly want to study at the ENO, but seeing the bad reputation that Katherine has brought to the art of opera make me sad and even makes me want to give up.

    I haven’t slept with David Beckham either, why would I want to go on Twitter and make a scene about it? No-one said she had. In my freelance (professional) capacity I often sing Katherine Jenkins’ songs, ie. Time To Say Goodbye, Kiss From A Rose, Bring Me To Life etc. but this does not mean that I am a fan or supporter of her, just to make it clear, I sing songs which are popular because otherwise I will not get paid, period.

    I am deeply upset that KJ finds it fun to bring the profession, which I want to take seriously, into disrepute, and has no formal accreditation to even call herself an opera singer / teacher / vocal coach whatever. She is an public embarrassment and makes me ashamed to even want to be an ‘opera singer’. I know I will never make a living at it, and it costs me a fortune, but Katherine makes tens of millions doing bugger all.

    We all know why she did this, she has a new album out soon and wants some publicity, so she blames the non existent ‘trolls’ for bullying her (over a rumour which didn’t exist in the first place) so the public will be sorry for her, their poor little working class ‘Welsh Nightingale’ and publicist Liz Rosenberg (famous for Madonna’s Erotica) sits back and has a good laugh at our expense. It’s not funny anymore Kath, never was. This time you have gone too far. The only Twitter troll in this story is YOU.

    • Well, per my comment above, I would hope she is laughing and not suffering.

    • Oh Victoria – Life is inherently unfair, nowhere more so than in the arts.

      If you know you’re never going to make a living as a singer then stop wasting money on expensive teachers and learn a more profitable trade.

      Katherine Jenkins is not the first to bring ill repute to female opera singers (and castrati). They were already in ill repute back in the 17th century for sleeping with the David Beckhams of their time. Besides, Andrea Bocelli has been around longer than Jenkins and you can’t call him an opera singer either, even though he’s actually sung entire roles on stage. How much damage can another schuyster do?

      All the branches of the musical arts have their snake oil salesmen, viz Andre Rieux, Vanessa Mae and a plethora of others. It’s no use to cry over missed high C’s (aka spilt milk). If sleeping around helps one’s career, perhaps one ought to try that out instead of voice lessons. It’s free and potentially far more fun than doing solfeggios alone. Many a singer – and instrumentalist – have boosted their career that way.

      As the old saying in music goes: Prosperitas adveho per vaginam suam vel rectum suum.

  15. She should find a good voice coach not to sleep with.

  16. If I was her, I’d need to stimulated not just by fine leeks, but a fine mind, too.

    When’s she gonna do Elektra?

    • This is the stuff of Wikileeks (or is that Wikedleeks?). I guess that Julian joker never slept with her either. Too busy sorting out press freedom in countries like Ecuador, when not preening or bleating

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      Her father died.

      I don’t expect that to get past the moderator.

      • That’s sad. Tough for a young girl entering adulthood. But good on her for growing from it, as we somehow must from existential crises. Endears me to her somewhat.

        • Victoria Clarke says:

          My father died in 1998, and my mum has Parkinson’s, I’m an only child caring for her whilst attempting to pursue my singing career. Does that endear me to you as well?

        • Victoria Clarke says:

          Most people lose a close family member to cancer at some time, Katherine’s personal tragedy seems insignificant when compared to Andrea Bocelli’s blindness, Jose Carerras’s leukaemia and Russell Watson’s brain tumour. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but dealing with a disability or life threatening illness, and managing to sustain a vocal career is much more admirable than losing a family member.

  17. Annie Grice says:

    I studied singing with a number of top voice coaches and now retired singers in London …… in fact I spent well over ten years learning the art of breathing, vocal control, projection , and clarity of diction…… The only time I have been able to understand the above mentioned lady is when she was singing songs with that rather pleasant and famous retired ballet dancer……. cant quite recall her name either…………. someone should just take the mike away, stick her in the Albert Hall and see if the voice carries…. I doubt it………… as for me….. well as you can see a singer needs to have a memory……….!

  18. Randolph Magri-Overend says:

    I am NOT an opera singer. I repeat I am NOT an opera singer. And I have NOT slept with DB. Now can someone get me a gig on TV.

  19. Richard Carlisle says:

    Is it possible her publicist paId friends to make untraceable threats and she called the police all for publicity… quite a disgrace if the strategy ever gets clearly revealed.


    • Victoria Clarke says:

      Like I said, Liz Rosenberg is very likely behind all this, she created and exploited the Madonna controversy back in the late eighties with the Sex book and Erotica video. She knows how to play up to the tabloids. Can you ever imagine another mezzo, say Cecilia Bartoli hiring a professional trouble maker just for publicity? I don’t think so some how.

  20. There is an interesting tone of misogyny in this thread. Just as in many religious hierachies, classical music has traditionally been viewed as a fragile organism, subject to infection or defilement, and even possible death by the inclusion of women. (The Vienna Philharmonic is a contemporary example.) It is thus notable that the singer in question not only defiles operatic vocal techniques, but her “questionably” sexuality predictably becomes a key component of the discussion.

    To be fair, these fears of women, female sexuality, and the contaminated altar (classical music is something like a religion for mnay) are found in numerous cultures, and deeply influence their art and religious expressions. In Europe such fears contributed to the exclusion of women from both liturgical and secular music, and led to some of western music´s most unusual practices, such as the castrati. At least we’re past that, even if women musicians are still regularly denounced for being “dirty”…

    • Indeed.
      And it’s interesting to note that some of the most misogynistic remarks in this thread were made by a woman, too.

    • Oh, PULEZZE, “misogynistic remarks made by women”! What fishtank scum!
      I’ll tell you what misogyny really is and scares the beejeebies out of men – women’s brains NOT their boobs.
      I’ll tell you what is supremely irksome up to and including hell hath no fury, are those twits who get by not on merit but by pouty sexiness and the casting couch.
      The bottom line is her singing is awful even in popular music. Like Il Divo, she serves up to the public some fake operatic color in her voice and for some strange reason they lap it up.

      • “I’ll tell you what misogyny really is and scares the beejeebies out of men – women’s brains NOT their boobs.”

        Sorry, maybe I’m just a dumb blonde. But I don’t understand what you’re trying to say in that very confused little outpouring of venom.

    • You sound like a first year psychology student.

      You could say exactly the same about science, and probably several other disciplines.

      And the Vienna Philharmonic isn’t just wary of women, is it?

      • Victoria Clarke says:

        One of the things I find very strange is that if she is confident in her abilities, why is she so defensive? She can always call her chums at the Daily Maul and get them to defend her honour, just like the previous ‘ twitter troll’ story last November, and the shutting down of the ‘ We Love Katherine Jenkins’ blog, which to be honest only had *positive* comments on her anyway!! She is inclined to portray herself as non elitist, even though she spends most of her time swanning around with the jet set, and her numerous Songs Of Praise appearances imply that she is a born again Christian and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Her and her publicist are in total control of the way she is portrayed in the media, especially now that she is taking on America, (cue Mormon gig) DWTS, and the prospect of a US version of PSTOS, so we’re got going to see the back of her anytime soon. All I would hope for, is that the public will see through it, even the Classic FM fans who buy her albums, get bored, and decide to start listening to real opera singers instead. Life is but a dream….

      • True, misogyny is found in many disciplines. And yes, the Vienna Phil also excludes non-Caucasions because they feel it would destroy the orchestra’s image of Austrian authenticity.

    • William,

      When a woman intentionally uses her looks to get ahead in a career, as Jenkins has confirmed she does, comments on her looks are more than acceptable. Those looks should never be used against her, but there is no denying that she uses them in her favor.

      I do not “fear” women who are viewed and view themselves as “sexy.” Instead, I am angry when looks are aggressively used to achieve something the woman could not achieve with talent alone.

  21. She has sold more records in her field than any one else – millions upon millions -
    are they all deaf? or are you all Spice girl or Cheryl Cole fans who could not sing live in the shower
    or black Americans talking to repeditive thump noises
    NEVER ONCE called herself an opero singer so before making silly comments
    get you facts right!

    • “NEVER ONCE called herself an opero singer so before making silly comments get you facts right!”

      NL said: “I’m afraid not. In recent interviews – see link – she has been happy to be called an opera singer and refrained from correcting the presenter.”

      Amounts to the same thing, just less honest.

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      Dear oh dear. I think the main stream media has pulled the wool over your eyes too. No, she certainly has never called herself an opero singer. Cough.

  22. “If this singer devoted a fraction of the time to her voice that she applies to her publicity, we might be persuaded to take her seriously.” – I feel the same way about the majority of today’s most popular classical singers.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why David Beckham would have an affair with this woman. I realize this is pretty subjective, but his wife seems both more attractive and the better singer. This is surely happening for the sole purpose of keeping her name in the headlines, since she can’t do it with her singing.

  23. I finally checked the link re “claims to be an opera singer”, which took me to the ‘Public protest..’ blog. There I finally watched the video linked to that ‘claim’. Jenkins is not introduced as an opera singer. The compere says “our next guest is one of the great classic music success stories of the past twelve months. ” refers to a “classical recording” record deal “…and performed at the Sydney Opera House”.

    There is no statement within that video pertaining to Katherine Jenkins being an opera singer. Performing at the Silly Opera House does not ipso facto make one an opera singer, as I’m sure everyone here knows. The video is titled ‘Opera Singer Katherine Jenkins Habanera”, but so what? That’s an error by the uploader.

    I’ve worked with high performance general managers, and the occasional government minister, and their helpers are often nowhere near as literate as you’d expect at that level, with typos and grammatical errors galore (indeed I found one person to be bloody hopeless, and to only retain employment by bullying tactics which deflected from said person’s incompetence – needless to say that minister lost office along with some others), especially when typing up material on issues that they have no expertise in – even when they were in the same room (in which I was also, so I knew what was said). If you get error at that level – and you do, in spades. Primarily because sycophantism is the primary selection process, not competence. Sometimes competence is a key criterion, along with a sort of anti-sychophantism (i.e. ‘tell me what I need to know, not what you think I want to hear’), and those office bearers really fly.

    So why should we expect public market stuff like YouTube etc – where there is no pressure for accuracy (because on the whole there is no need), to get things right. At least with documents coming from general manager or ministerial offices, someone who knows and pays attention can provide feedback for correction, and the respective office bearers are grateful for not looking stupid, because their role doesn’t explicitly entail looking stupid. But in all this internet noise and hype, QA is not an issue. To focus on error in that medium, or those media, is to focus on noise and miss the signal.

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      That video is very old, far before Liz Rosenberg became, her publicist. Why were the producers of Dancing With The Stars happy to introduce her as an ‘opera singer’? How about the ‘ opera sensation’ headlines of the Sun, the Star and the Daily Maul? They can’t all be wrong!!

      • Fair point. These are media I haven’t checked, and don’t recall seeing specific links. But I’ll pay attention here and there as I wander through the morass of information on life. What of this Secombe chap by the way? How was he viewed by serious musicos?

        • Victoria Clarke says:

          Harry Secombe never promoted himself as an opera singer, but was a much loved entertainer and host of Christian programs Songs of Praise and Highway. He mostly sang hymns and Welsh folk songs, which you should be able to find on Youtube. As far as I know, he never slept with Katherine Jenkins.

          • Ah, but has she denied it? P.s. thanks :) (demonstrating new found ability to produce one of them gawd-awful ‘emoticons’, or a least a lesser evil of them)

        • This blog below sums up many things well regarding Jenkins, with comments very similar to those here, many from the same characters as here.

          and another:

          My favorite quote from sweet, humble Kathy (and a rare glimpse at her real personality, I suspect):

          “There are a lot of people in the classical music world who absolutely loathe me. The critics slate me because I’m not what they consider the real thing. People expect a classical singer to be big and fat with Wagnerian horns on her head. Sorry, that’s not me. It never was and I always knew my looks would be my advantage. I’m totally aware of how to market myself, totally aware of the effect of the way I look. And personally I’d rather see an attractive man playing Romeo than a big fat old man. Why can’t opera singers look good? I don’t get it.”

          • Thanks for the links. I reviewed them, and followed the links from those sites. I think I got them all but it matters not, I have an idea what people are on about and the basis of some of their comments. On the issue of Jenkins doing the mentor bit in Popstar to Wotsitstar, I don’t see it as too big a deal.

            To take an easy example, in martial arts such as karate and taekwondo, it’s not uncommon for relative novices to be tasked with teaching some of the basics to students who are greater novices. So a green belt may teach yellow belts, and a yellow belt may teach beginners. This frees up the senior rank black belts to focus on the higher ranks. So a 5th dan may instruct other black belts, and a first dan may teach brown belts, while a brown belt may teach blue belts. And of course any senior rank may teach any ranks more junior, depending on the logistics and context. And of course there are segments where everyone does the group training thing etc.

            But it is also a very important learning process for the junior rank who is acting as a teacher/mentor. When you teach someone a technique, you have to think about it, how you do it, how experts do it, and how you aspire to do it. So it’s actually an important part of any learning process, in those phenomena wherein it can be employed, which is quite a range to my knowledge. Doubtless people will be able to think of other examples.

            The fact that one must present in a certain style because hey this is television is no big deal: it’s television, where surreality reigns supreme. Indeed surreality reigns supreme in the human condition anyway, so why should we be surprised to find it anywhere at all. In my experience, the real surprise is when consistent rationality is found. Now THAT’s unusual.

          • Victoria Clarke says:
          • Victoria Clarke says:

            Steve, would the novice instructors be paid more than the seasoned sensai? I don’t think they would. Kaff is being paid millions for pretending to coach the pop stars on this sad exploitative little show. Even the best teachers charge not much more than £ 100 for a lesson.

          • Some good points Victoria. Thanks for challenging me on these things. As usual, I find I’m learning unexpected, but often enlightening things about the human condition. Nothing surprising (only good surprises me nowadays, nothing else), but certainly enlightening.

          • Victoria Clarke says:

            I knew dozens of classical singers from university who were very attractive, and I don’t recall anyone having horns. Sorry.

  24. Victoria Clarke says:

    I’ve just had a funny conversation with a fan of Kaff’s on another forum, where I have been accused of running her down, being jealous, what not, all the same stuff I always hear. My answer is, the problem with KJ is she used dishonesty throughout her career, even from the start when she was dating a member of the boy band World’s Apart she has used the mainstream media to gain publicity for herself, rather than letting her singing talent speak for itself. She has been dishonest regarding her credentials, she gained a teaching diploma from the RAM, not opera performance or even vocal coaching. Then there is her autobiography, which I am assured contains rather a lot of fiction.
    I am not jealous of Katherine, that said, it would be nice to have lots of money, but I would rather have my voice than hers (and a clear conscience) and I rather like my boobs as they are.

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      Fantastic, I asked the same fan to produce evidence that Kaff was an opera singer, so he posted Gypsy Song from Kaff’s Rejoice album. How do you explain to an obsessive fan convinced you are a vicious troll that a few opera ‘songs’ released on an over produced studio album do not an opera singer make?

      • Victoria Clarke says:

        Oh, good god, now he’s gone and posted Nessun Dorma, AND he’s calling me a jealous troll!! :(

  25. Randolph Magri-Overend says:

    Hey Victoria do you have a home page where we can see and hear what you sound like?

    • Victoria Clarke says:

      I am recording some pieces which I will eventually put on Soundcloud. I do have pieces already recorded, but I have improved my technique so much since 2009, they are a true representation of how I sound now. (I mentioned in my post on Jackie Evancho that I suffered voice problems myself at university)

  26. Victoria Clarke says:

    Found this on one of the links… Gosh!??

    Aretha is an opera singer!! :)


  27. Randolph Magri-Overend says:


  28. Victoria Clarke says:

    For those of you in the US who haven’t seen the show, here is a link to ITV’s official Pop Star to Opera Star page.

    Most loved eh?!

    • Randolph Magri-Overend says:

      Victoria, you might be interested to know that the video on the home page you kindly sent out can only be viewed in the UK

      • Victoria Clarke says:

        Oh, I’m sorry, I have no idea why that is. I thought Youtube licenses were universal?!

        • Victoria Clarke says:

          Ok, Randolph, when you copy the Youtube link, delete the bit that says watch? so instead it just says /v = .
          In theory this should work for any international Youtube videos. Let me know if it works. xx

  29. Victoria Clarke says:

    I bet Katherine is overjoyed with landing the front cover of OK magazine! She’ll sell millions of her new album, due out for Christmas! Well done Liz Rosenberg, you did good.

  30. Victoria Clarke says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this one, Norman is even quoted in it!!

    Vomitacious is a great word!! :)

  31. Victoria Clarke says:

    Well, Kaff’s Best of British collection is in the charts, so the scam worked. It’s the same old tosh she recorded about five years ago, so she’s doing all right out of it. Who is buying this crap?!

  32. Randolph Magri-Overend says:

    Hi Victoria – Sorry I didn’t make myself very clear with my last post. It’s not your own home page that can’t be accessed in Oz it’s the KJ ITV video that can only be seen in the UK. However, I lol at snippet from The Guardian…fancy Norman being ‘quoted’ in such exalted circles!!! BTW Norman I interviewed Simone Young for a local magazine and she sounds as delightful as ever.

  33. Victoria Clarke says:

    Katherine really does make me depressed. Not jealous as some have said, truly depressed. I want to sing serious repertoire, and real opera, now the whole shebang has gone down the pan because no one wants to listen to serious, legitimate music any more. I don’t want to sing stuff that leaves me feeling hollow and unfulfilled. I have done really well with my Fellowship diploma, and I want to move on to more challenges. But there they are, Kaff and Mr Go Compare! having a damn good laugh at me who thought I had to work and train really hard to be an opera singer.

  34. Victoria Clarke says:
  35. Victoria Clarke says:

    Interesting article from The Spectator.

    As I have said before, I don’t believe in elitism, but I do believe in order to make an art form successful, it should require hard work, dedication and intelligence. If that is elitist, so be it. It does not have to be the province of the Social Elite!!! Is it, assumed that the working classes want nothing better than the X Factor, TOWIE, and a liberal dose of classical crossover to be intellectually stimulated?

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