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A musician’s case against the airlines

Here’s some clarification on a previous story from an interested party:
I am Lew Lipnick’s attorney. The ATRA release was a hit job that emanates from an organization that always sides for business interests and ridicules — through factual distortions, omissions and out-and-out lies — attempts by ordinary citizens to bring accountability for the actions of such businesses when they hurt people.

Mr. Lipnick bought two business-class seats on the flight for himself and his new instrument, the only way to safely carry such a delicate and expensive item for such a long distance. He also had two carry-on bags for the eight-hour flight. The gate agent refused his request to use a nearby elevator to get to the level of the aircraft.  He did his best to negotiate a two-flight escalator — the only other way to get to the plane — and fell at the bottom of the second flight.

As for the Washington Post article, the ATRA hit man “assumes facts not in evidence,” as we lawyers would say, and neglects the obvious, and true, point that Mr. Lipnick asked the Post writer not to mention his injury as it would be a distraction from the point of the article, which was to celebrate his new contraforte.  Mr. Lipnick developed a chronic pain syndrome as a result of this injury and the seriousness of his injury is the only reason he has sued. All of the above facts would have been available to ATRA had they asked.

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