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Welcome to Birmingham, Mr Stockhausen….

Your helicopter awaits.

The Stockhausen Olympic Festival has been announced. Full details here.

(c) Stockhausen Foundation for Music, all rights reserved. Used as promotional material for festival.

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  1. José Bergher says:

    Is this Stockhausen the same idiot who described the WTC bombing as “the greatest work of art ever” and then loaded his explanation with more bullshit?
    Here is a link.

    • Mathieu says:

      You say “this Stockhausen” as if he was totally unknown or a mere minor figure… Well, sorry, but he’s just one of the greatest composers of the XX. century, whatever bullshit he may have said (and god knows his views on 9/11 were bullshit). So I do not get your point here : do you imply that because he said a reasonable amount of bullshit, the performance of his works should be banned ?

    • However distasteful the comments were perceived, I think they have a fascinating insight into the nature of art. Stockhausen was certainly not justifying the bombing, and clarified that he still thought it a crime. Besides, if you are going to start ostracising musicians for their views, your censorship list would get terribly long (Wagner and anti-semitism, Beethoven and his possessive control of his nephew, &c.).

      • Mathieu says:

        I totally agree with you regarding censorship. Regarding KHS’s views on 9/11, I agree that he did not justify nor condone the bombing. But still : neither Bin Laden nor the vicitms saw it as a ork of art, and they certainly did not intended it to be; so if art is only in the eyes of the viewer, there is clearly a problem. But maybe, in some sense, what KHS’s comments reveal, maybe unconsciously, it is the very problematic nature of contemporary art.

  2. José Bergher says:

    I didn’t say the music by the idiot should be banned. I just wanted confirmation that he was the idiot. Now I know he was the idiot. That’s all.

    • Mathieu says:

      I still do not see how it is relevant. Anyway, I assume you do not say : “Was Wagner this idiot (or this bastard) who wrote antisemitic stuff?”; or “Was Mozart this idiot who wrote to his sister about his poop?”

      • José Bergher says:

        All I did was ask if this Stockhausen was the same idiot who said what he said in September 2011. That’s all. Whatever is or isn’t relevant to you is or isn’t relevant to you. Whatever is or isn’t relevant to me is or isn’t relevant to me. I did not say anything about Wagner’s antisemitic stuff or about Mozart’s excrement. Or about Stockhausen’s music, for that matter.

  3. A helicopter quartet. And then his comments about 9/11. I’m surprised that no one has ever mentioned the correlations in Stockhausen’s views of aircraft and “art.” He took his concepts of spectacle and social statement to an (ego)maniacal extreme. Contrary to the claims made, he wasn’t misunderstood about 9/11.

  4. Fran Williams says:

    Have they really allotted sessions for ‘drinks reception / networking’ in the festival programme? Now that’s the most refreshingly honest festival programme I’ve ever read, seeing as the 99% of the audience will be there only to see who else is there. The music tends to just get in the way at these festivals!

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