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Pianist in blasphemy trial issues defiant dance video

The composer and pianist Fazil Say has been charged in Turkey with ‘insulting Moslem values‘. He is expected to face trial later this year, although he has announced that he is emigrating.

By way of riposte to the legal proceedings, he has written a new piece based on Turkish rhythms and published the video this week.

Fazil writes: ”Dance” is a highly virtuoso piano piece which is erratic and wild in every respect. The different interesting metres are abstract representations of traditional Turkish rhythms. Both the metres and miniature rhythmic elements alternate with each other permanently. This is complemented by a high dynamic variability and changes of register and paired with melodic elements from Turkish cultural music, producing a fervent and ecstatic Dervish dance. I composed this piece in the spring of 2012 as my contribution to the Petrushka Project 2012 “Dances of our time”.

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  1. Kind of reminds me of some of Ligeti’s piano pieces.

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