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Olympic torch song for maestro on the run: first picture

This is the moment that Esa-Pekka Salonen took the real baton – the Olympic torch that is being run today through the streets of London.

More pics coming in. This one from the Philharmonia Orchestra, band on the run:


Both of these are taken by musicians close to E-P. This last side view, just in, is from his hometown newspaper (c) Helsingin Sanomat:

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  1. esa-pekka needs a haircut ~ he looked better here in l.a.

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Please stop me if you’ve heard this before (actually don’t stop me…)

    A few years back in LA, a public conversation on stage between Esa-Pekka and Deborah Borda where he defines the difference between a Finnish introvert and a Finnish extrovert: According to E-P, when a Finnish introvert talks to you, he stares at his shoes; when a Finnish extrovert talks to you, he stares at YOUR shoes. He looked rather extroverted carrying the torch and with his talent, he can wear his hair any way he wants.

    And because of the Olympics in London, here’s my favorite Churchill story (Please don’t stop me, even if you’ve heard it before, it’s very short)

    The Prime Minister meets a lady at a party;
    Lady: Mr. Prime Minister you are DRUNK!
    PM: And you Madame are ugly; but tomorrow, I shall be sober.

    It sounds like London is the place to be these days.

  3. Opera centric says:

    And about time too, Norman! I watched news footage in vain for a glimpse. Go Esa-Pekka!

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