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Just in: Tokyo’s new chief conductor – which of three jobs will he give up?

Paavo Järvi is to be the new chief conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, one of the world’s most secure radio ensembles.

But Paavo, 49, already has a radio orchestra in Frankfurt, with which he makes most of his recordings, and a city orchestra in Paris.

Something’s got to give. So, which is it going to be…?

UPDATE: Facebook message just in from Paavo: Totally commited to Paris…will not give it up!

So will he do all three? He can’t comment right now.

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  1. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Like the much repeated HvK line: He get’s in a taxi in Paris and the driver recognized him, Monsieur von Karajan, where to? “It doesn’t matter, they want me everywhere.”

    Others have taken that job in Japan and maintained their careers in multiple cities. I wonder what the actual commitment is in weeks. Paavo, btw, is managed by an agency that has gotten a lot of ink in this blog very recently.

  2. Petros Linardos says:

    All three or all four? Doesn’t he also lead the wonderful Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie?

  3. Wanderer says:

    If there should be any EU regulation, it should be against chief conductors, or shall we say “chief” conductors, who hold more than one “chief” conductor position.
    But the boards and the audience want names, not music and continuity in work and development. So this will get worse.

  4. Romuald Sztern says:

    I live in Malmoe ,were the Malmoe Symphony Orchestra diid not prolong the young Paavo Järvi`s contract after the initial three years. of course Mr Järvi was at that time still somewhat lacking in experience . Control over difficult transitions in speeds sometimes was not 100% secure ,but one thing was always there ; the search for that extra something in atmosphere ,in the uniqueness of that particular piece ,never getting stuck in cliche´presentations of “style” . I am happy that he is in such high demand . it shows that the gift of curiosity and the hard work of searching and growing is appreciated.

  5. Romuald Sztern says:

    of course I should have mentioned that Mr Järvis time in Malmoe was in the middle of the 1990-ies.

  6. Wanderer says:

    It would be interesting to have a debate, what the role of a chief conductor should be these days. I’m personally sick of this jetset uncommitted prostitution business. A conductor should stay and form an orchestra over many years in many many rehearsals, concerts and also personal conversations with the musicians. That includes all the necessary work backstage. And he must get the power to do so from the management.

    Top orchestras all over the world are losing their unique styles, or mediocre orchestras never develop one.

  7. Novagerio says:

    Paavo is a wonderul person an a very sought after conductor because of his kindness and enthuthiasm,but it certainly helps to have daddy´s agency….

  8. I can bet you all: he won’t renew his contract with the RSO Frankfurt

  9. Julie M. says:

    Paavo Jarvi is one of the best conductors and music directors of our time. During his tenure with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, I had the great privilege of witnessing first hand, what he is capable capable of giving to an orchestra. As Music Director, he raised the level of artistry in Cincinnati to the highest standards and not only inspired but empowered the musicians to be the best. He did this conducting about 12 weeks each season and tours and recordings. When an orchestra has the capability of touring and recording that in itself raises the level of the orchestra. Paavo knows how to use these tools to build the reputation of an orchestra better than most conductors out there. Bottomline, he knows how to be a great music director and will accomplish much in just 8 weeks with the NHK.

    P.S. I believe Daddy joined the HP roster after his son.

    • Wanderer says:

      PJ is a great man and conductor, but even the best of the best can not be a real “chief” of several orchestras. Tokyo is buying themselves a name to put on the placards. That’s about it. 8 weeks is a joke. Even 12 weeks is nothing, even though almost the norm in these days of the conductor prostitution jetset.

  10. Wanderer says:

    Agents make more money, if the conductors fluctuate and rotate and jetset around all the time. Conductors who have permanent commitments for many years create less revenue for the agents. This interest of the agents is an effect of the business that causes great artistic damage since it is not artistically implied.

    • Jonathan says:

      I agree with everything you have posted on this page, so am mystified as to how our swords got so crossed elsewhere. There is a huge problem of greed and vested interest which damages music, it is an industry driven by fear and reaction rather than vision and intention and the issue of the role, personality and capabilities of the conductor is a key problem. There is an enormous misunderstanding of the role and responsibilities of leaders which allows those at the top of so many spheres of life to take more whilst giving less. I think the arts should be promoting a different message about humanity but rather than doing this we lead the whole world in the promotion of inappropriate values – and if there is no change, we will pay dearly for this in the long term.

  11. Burkhard says:

    He is certainly doing a great job over here in Frankfut. I hope not to lose him.

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