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John Cage producer and concrète pioneer passes into the great beyond

You may not have heard of İlhan Mimaroğlu, but among the artists he produced on Atlantic were Charles Mingus, Modern Jazz Quartet, John Cage, Eric Salzman, Luciano Berio, Idil Biret, Meral Güneyman and Vladimir Ussachevsky.

Back home, he wrote musique concrète, like this:

He died yesterday, aged 86.

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  1. The music of İlhan Mimaroğlu was among my first exposures to musique concrète and electronic music. He wrote a series of ‘Preludes for Magnetic Tape’ based on the sounds of everyday objects. His pieces based on the sounds of rubber (elastic) bands were superb. I couldn’t find examples of these specific pieces, but found these others that date back to my discovery of this strange, enchanting music.


    Prelude for Magnetic Tape No 9 (based on sounds of the clarinet)

    Prelude for Magnetic Tape No 12 (piano sounds and human voice)

  2. Thomas Mowrey says:

    Ilhan had worked briefly at Vox Records in New York in the early 1960s. I met him when I started working at my first job there in 1964, and shortly afterward some of his works were released on the Vox Turnabout label. He was a lovely man — softspoken and gentle, always a pleasure to be around. It is sad to see that he is gone.

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