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Is there a classical Justin Bieber?

Some parts of the media seem to think it’s the pianist Valentina Lisitsa.

A throwaway line by a BBC reporter, likening her Youtube success to the teen sensation’s, has been picked up by Die Zeit and blown into a hype balloon. Read it here (auf Deutsch).

Personally, I see no comparison. But then I’ve ┬ánever been exposed to the Bieber effect, and I’ve always regarded Val as unique.

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  1. I know who Valentina Lisitsa is but who exactly is Justin Bieber pray?

  2. Wanderer says:

    Who the f*** is Justin Bieber? I would call it the Liszt effect or the Paganini effect…

    Universal and other corporate/shareholder based recording companies: endless source of idiocy and demonstration of greed over artistic competence.

    Capitalism and artistic integrity do not coexist peacefully.

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