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Thailand’s Got Talent? She’s topless and she paints with her breasts

Just when you thought the performing dog took the biscuit in Britain’s Got Talent, the scurrilous invention of Simon Cowell has yielded an ‘artist’ whose gimmick is unprintable in most newspapers (not that it stops them panting on about it). Duangjai Jansauoni does exactly what it says in the headline.

The only reason to raise her non-musical act here for discussion is as an example of how the word ‘talent’ has been abused by the entertainment industry to the point that it has lost any connection with the divine spark. Cowell has killed the noun. Does anyone have a substitute?

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  1. Strictly they don’t use the word “talent”, they use the word “t*lent”, if you look at the logo closely… a bit like using “f*ck” when you are too ashamed to use “fuck” I suppose.

  2. thekingontheviolin says:

    The East European conservatoires use the word “antitalant”. An “antitalant” is someone used by teachers for earning money only whilst the student remains committed to the instrument with passion and will not take the hint and give up

    All instrumental teachers have had experience of antitalants. However their genuine love of learning would render this word unsuitable to describe the Simon Cowell phenomenon.

    How about negatalent?

  3. richard carlisle says:

    Probably has a way to go before it rivals gorilla art– otherwise known as gotalent– eventually another artistic revolution… wait and see, could be world-changing.

  4. The above-mentioned “antitalant” would be a great replacement for the word “talent” as it’s currently being used to describe… whatever it’s being used to describe. If you’re looking for a word to replace “talent” as it’s supposed to be used, I say do away with the word altogether and use “ability” instead.

    “Talent” means “someone whose ability exceeds their training”. It’s impossible to talk about a wonderful young musician that’s been practicing for 20 years in terms of “talent”. Anyone that works hard at something for 20 years will be skilled, and it always bothers me that people try to use the word “talent” to explain someone’s hard work. As if their ability is mostly the result of a genetic gift and some fantastic conflagration of events, not years of discipline and training.

  5. John Soloninka says:

    Not sure why we are debating talent vs training, etc in this context. Any attractive woman, with zero training, but sufficient chutzpah, could reproduce what we just saw with 3 words of instruction. This is just shock value masquerading as an artistic performance. If her artwork were at least using her paint application medium somewhat creatively, then I might buy it. Don’t get me wrong, I have no prudishness, and I love naked women as much as the next person…but this is not in the “talent” category.

  6. Randolph Magri-Overend says:

    Maybe she paints by knockers!

  7. On the subject of talent, let everyone please remember (or, if this is news to you, take note) that the origin of the word “talent” is (1) a unit of weight in ancient times (we are talking Babylon and Assyria, see the original OED) and then (2) the monetary value of silver weighing one of that weight unit — just like the word “pound” in England, in fact: a unit of weight becomes a unit of currency. So “talent” has always been about something with a commercial value — something you could use to earn a bit of money, not anything with necessarily any artistic merit! I have a range of mathematically inspired abstract paintings in my own style and have sold some of them. Does that mean I am an artist of quality, or just somebody with a talent?!

  8. Clyde McConnell says:

    Which is more boring, the performance piece itself or the feigned outrage of the female judge (I watched it with the sound off)? In either case, let’s just turn back the clock 50+ years to Yves Klein and his “Anthropométries,” and re-run the contest.

  9. sarinya says:

    Thai People’s Thinking
    “She is Just Dirty-Low Woman”
    Thai Culture Not Called she is a thai woman.
    Because what she did, It’s TOO BAD for Thai Culture!!!!
    and She Destroyed Thai-Culture.!!!

  10. If you say she is a dirty low woman and she is not a thai woman by thai culture, are you implying that thailand is such a dirty country as there are many places in bangkok, pattaya, chiangmai, phuket and hatyai with women doing similar or worse things than her. And Its allowed . Its even promoting tourism. And you mean thai tourism is dirty? And you also mean that they are all not thai women in thai culture.
    come on , give me a break!

  11. This is ART.. Let not be prudes.. She did not climb on the canvas sides, grind, strip or dirty dance.. She expressed herself through a canvas and use her breast instead of her hands… Sorry but I thought Bangkok was a cultural center for Thailand..

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