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Some TV you may have missed on the River

The Academy of Ancient Musick were hauled out of their beds on Monday to show a BBC Breakfast audience what they hoped to play later as part of the Royal flotilla. In the event, nothing was heard of them during the flotilla and the questions they were asked by the Breakfast presenter were of blundering inanity. The AAM have put upthis video on Youtube. It has gathered, so far, 90 views.

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  1. Make that 45.

    Such good sports! (and not bad musicians either!!)

  2. They all deserve a knight/damehood for this!

  3. Good sports indeed! I heard a snatch of them from downstream of Battersea Bridge and I was quite thrilled actually. The amplified live music on barges added a lot to the celebratory feel of the day and I find it hard to believe how little attention was paid to it on the BBC commentary. And frankly I was looking forward to hearing more from the various ensembles and seeing them in close-up on the TV and I was very disappointed. But if the cheers around me were any indication, all of the music was universally appreciated and enjoyed.

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