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Russian squeaks it in tight Nielsen contest

Olga Volkova, a pupil of Zakha Bron in Cologne, took first prize in the Carl Nielsen competition in Odense.

But, in a tight last four, Volkova was pushed hard by second-placed Niklas Walentin Jensen, an 18 year-old Eszter Haffner student who gave the top-rated performance of the pivotal Nielsen concerto and of a contemporary work.

Close behind were the Korean Ui-Youn Hong and Icelander Eva Thorarinsdottir.

The winner receives $21,000, the runner-up $16,000.

We’ve obtained the results from social media. I guess the website will be updated some week soon.

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  1. The website coverage of this event was really very poor.

  2. In contrast the coverage of the Khachaturian Comp – also on at the moment, has been excellent

  3. Finally we know what is rotten in the state of Denmark: Websites.

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