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Now Katherine Jenkins wants you to buy her Olympics scarf

She’s done her bit for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Now the Welsh singer wants you to buy her scarf at Next stores, to help the athletes in training. At this rate of deluge, we’re all going to need one to keep our hair dry for the opening ceremony. Good timing, Kath. Read on here.

photo: (c) Pitch/PA

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  1. pianoronald says:

    As long as Katherine Jenkins doesn’t sing, I don’t mind what she does.

  2. Musiker says:

    At least the Press Association reporter didn’t refer to Katherine Jenkins as an “opera singer” or “opera star”, but just plain “singer”.
    Whether that’s just the reporter being more accurate or whether Ms. Jenkins’ and her publicists are learning to steer away from the “opera” moniker, who knows.

  3. WHAT??? The British nightingale is not warbling at the opening of the Games??? I’d fire my manager if I were her!

    The only thing Katherine Jenkins should be selling – and which I might actually considering buying – is her……er…..never mind.

    I’d just consider buying an umbrella and bringing lots of xanax if I were crazy enough to go to London for the Olympics and drowning in tourists.


    • Pardon me, WELSH nightingale. You guys need to figure out what you want to call your pre-Norman (I mean William’s gang of Norse hoodlums), not the author of this blog) conglomeration of various tribes and islands. It’s darn confusing.

  4. Can it be used as a gag?

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