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Just in: Wagner festival to close in bicentenary year

The Richard Wagner Festival Wels, an anti-Regietheater  event since 1989, will be put out of business next year.

The regional authorities in Upper Austria and the town of Wels have decided it’s not worth the investment.

Over 23 years, the Richard Wagner Festival Wels consisted mostly of concert versions of the great works, faithful to the master’s text. Soloists included Theo Adam, Gwyneth Jones and Hans Sotin. This festival offers a staging of Parsifal with Ian Storey in title role. There will also be a farewell gala concert for Hans Sotin. The final production next year will be Tannhaeuser.

I guess the only person who could save the festival is the town’s most famous son – Franz Welser-Moest.


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  1. Franz Welser Apfel-Möst a savior??? *eyeroll & groan*

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