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Just in: Tel Aviv University cancels Wagner concert

The Wagner ice-breaker concert at Tel Aviv University has been called off by the academic authorities,. who say they were never told what kind of music was going to be performed. Oh, really? I hear the sound of chickens running away from the grill. Read on here.

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  1. tgjolley says:

    amusing, what does “what kind of music” mean?

  2. Mazurkiewicz says:

    Very good. There are countless other great composers who were not and are not anti-Semites, who did not write anti-Semitic articles, and who were not extolled by murderous anti-Semitic, racist regimes.

  3. Drew Lewis says:

    The views of the protestors are perfectly understandable and ought to be respected. I wish those musicians who agitate for the music of Wagner to be played in Israel would instead devote their energies to the music of those composers who were murdered by the Wagner-loving Nazis – Schulhoff, Ullman, Pavel Haas, Gideon Klein, Leo Smit, Marcel Tyberg, Ilse Weber …..

  4. Richard Wagner was a detestable human being. Were one to ban all of the art produced by detestable human beings over the centuries, one would devastate the catalogues in all genres. Then there are works of art that in themselves contain obnoxious ideas. Shouldn’t The Magic Flute be banned because of the character of Monostatos? Immanuel Kant wrote some amazingly ignorant stuff about the inherent inferiority of Africans. Well, stop teaching his philosophy in the universities! And lets start expurgating all of the hostility to women and women’s civil rights in the literatures of the world. The landfills will sink under the weight of the deposited paper!
    In fact, I would say that it was an incorrect response, though understandable, if a production of The Magic Flute in an African nation were to cut out or modify Monostatos. But I would like to know, from someone, where are the anti-Semitic passages in Wagner’s operas that we ought to be cutting out? Tell me where they are all I will take a scissors to all my opera scores.
    To ban a Wagner memorial concert in a university in Israel is to do a disservice to Israel and to the memory of the Holocaust itself. It is not an apology for Wagner’s lunatic ideas to play his music.

  5. Well here we go again !!! for this nonsense to be coming from a so called seat of learning ” Tel Aviv University”
    is deplorable which looses credibility as a place of learning as it bows to which way the wind is blowing.
    Didn’t Hitler and his gang do the same to composers of Jewish background . It is always a source of wonder
    how people become what they hate the most .

  6. Michael Hurshell says:

    As far as I know, musicians in Israel don’t “agitate to play Wagner.” Conductors suggest it, musicians want to play it, and – most importantly – audiences want to hear it. The fact that no one who doesn’t want to hear it doesn’t have to, seems not to be in the equation. – Meanwhile, I would like to add that my ensemble does perform music by Schulhoff, Haas, and many other persecuted composers.

  7. It’s good to know that music matters in some places.
    It was really great for me to live in Israel for some years as a musician
    as the populace was not only incredibly musically literate but
    also opinionated, at that.

  8. Since the Holocaust Museum is located on the campus of TAU, I would think that the clash of performing Wagner there would be a bit too much for anyone with good taste.

    There are lots of other good concert venues off-campus where Wagner can be forced down the throats of unwilling Israeli listeners.

    • Gurnemanz says:

      Nobody is forcing anything down anyone’s throat. Those who don’t want to hear Wagner don’t have to come to listen, end of story.

  9. What nonsense to say Wagner can be forced down throats of unwilling Israeli listeners
    1st. – Tom v needs an anatomy chart to learn where ears are located.
    2nd. No one in Israel is forced to listen to Wagner or any composer .
    A concert is announced , the programme is announced – if you do not like the programme don’t buy a ticket
    stay home go some where else – no one is forcing anyone to go .
    The supposed clash of performing Wagner at TAU would result only if people make it so – no one has
    the right to dictate what someone else should read or listen to .If no one buys tickets because Wagner is on the programme the orchestra to survive will drop him and in effect Wagner is no more an issue or discussion .

    • 1st – Ariel needs to get a dictionary of colloquial American.
      2nd – Is it really true that nobody in Israel is forced to listen to Wagner?? Goodness, and here I thought that Israeli parents play Wagner to punish naughty children (it sure would have worked on me when I was a kid after I had to sit through an entire performance of Tannhauser).

      Wow! Is THAT how a concert is planned? Now I can stop wondering. And thank you so much for informing me I don’t have to go them! Here I thought it was a civic duty to attend every concert in town. Now I will finally be able to save enough money to buy the iPod I always wanted.

      If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them. Go read a good book or stare at the boob tube – no one is forcing you to waste your time commenting on them.

      Or can I persuade Mr. Lebrecht to sell tickets for reading my comments?

  10. I know someone who is playing in this concert. Apparently they found another venue and the concert is back on.

  11. There you go! A much beter venue for the concert, since a capitalist corporation very rarely misses the opportunity for a profit regardless of morality.

    Heil Hilton!

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