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French orchestra in uprising against Carla Bruni’s pal

More than four out of five members of the orchestra of the opéra national de Montpellier (OONM) have signed a motion of no confidence in their director general, a flamboyant character called Jean-Paul Scarpitta who was appointed under the ancien régime. Altogether, 165 out of 199 on the payroll (82.7%) declared their dissatisfaction with Scarpitta, who has been in the job only since January.

Scarpitta, a film maker, opera director and exhibition organiser, used to run the Armand Hammer Foundation and is now a prized member of the Carla Bruni Foundation. The players say he’s incompetent. They are aggrieved that he gave a prime date to his friend Riccardo Muti and imported the Orchestra Cherubini in preference to the house ensemble.


photo: Carla Bruni Foundation

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  1. Linda Grace says:

    What, they don’t recognize this guy’s political genius?!?!

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