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Another airline for musicians to shun

It’s called Fly Norwegian. Our advice: don’t.

The guitarist Robin Hill booked to fly on it from Oslo. They refused to let him take his instrument on board. He offered to buy an extra ticket. Airline officials continued to insist that the valuable guitar was thrown in the hold. There were plenty of seats unsold and room in the overhead lockers of the Boeing 737.

Robin had to book on another airline and waste all day waiting for a flight.

Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t Fly Norwegian.


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  1. Michael P. Scott says:

    I am suggesting to one and all affected by these idiotic BA rules to visit the web site of Dave Carroll, a Canadian singer/songwriter/guitar player whose run-in with United Airlines in the US spawned an amazing viral assault on UA’s unbelievable behavior and resulted in not only a new guitar for Mr. Carroll (to replace the one UA employees smashed right before his eyes), but almost a whole new career: and

    He’s struck a right mighty smiting blow against stupidity in carry-on rules and idiotic behavior by those who write the rules.

    It’s a great story! Somebody ought to hire Dave to do the same to BA!!!

    Alas, Dave’s story, this one and the many others like it PLUS this story in today’s NY Times –– –– have pretty much sealed my resolve never to fly again.

    Anybody want to buy half a million UA miles?

    NB: I have ABSOLUTELY no connection to Dave Carroll other than having bought both his CD and new book. I just admire the heck out of him for the creativity he applied to social media to shame a global enterprise. It’s proof that one talented person CAN make a difference!

  2. I thought this stupidity was a thing of the past. There was a real uproar in Norway in november of last year when Norwegian banned cellos from its plains. After massive complaints Norwegian reversed their decision. I think it was when Truls Mørk threatened to leave the country that they had a rethink. Check out the announcement here:

    Best wishes,

    Ernst Simon Glaser
    Principle cellist, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

  3. This stupidity is not confined to musical instruments. The same inane rules apply to those carrying laptops and expensive photographic equipment.

    Passengers are allowed to carry on ridiculously sized bags, which in some cases won’t even fit into the overhead luggage bins, but they are not allowed to carry a laptop and camera in two separate (and much smaller) bags. Yet additional bags packed with bottles of highly flammable duty free alcohol or perfumes are fine.

    (I have also carried a laptop bag inside a duty free bag on occasions.)

    I was once forced to put my laptop in the hold, and was charged for the privilege. (It was either that or my camera equipment.) The laptop screen was destroyed and it’s chassis bent. However, the airline (Cryanair) refused to pay any compensation as they class laptops as ‘fragile’, and do not recommend sending them as hold baggage. What other choice did I have?

    In my view it is about time the airlines were reminded of what they exist for and why their most regular passengers need to travel.

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