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Let’s hear it for the children let down by BBC TV

This just in from Ginny Greenwood, organiser of the Mayor’s Jubilee Band, adding to the general dismay at the BBC’s neglect of the musicians it lined up for the Royal flotilla:

It has taken me two days to get over the disappointment of the Mayor’s Jubilee Band being completely ignored throughout the Pageant. I witnessed 60 children aged 10-21 get totally soaked through in the freezing cold playing uncomplainingly for over 2.5 hours as we slowly made our way down river, so far towards the tail end of the flotilla that we barely felt part of it. But still, at least we had been assured coverage by the BBC. We had been filmed by This Morning on Friday, BBC Newsround on Saturday and ‘A Celebration’ the piece we commissioned from Rachel Portman, had been broadcast on Radio 3 at 8:30on Sunday morning. It was a great story. Children from all four music colleges and from borough music services coming together to honour the Queen. The children had told all their families, friends, teachers and various social networks to look out for us and what happend. Nothing, zero, not a glimpse, and worse still, not a note. God bless Her Majestry, who waved and smiled at us as we sailed past, and shame on the BBC.

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  1. MissLondon says:

    They were utterly fantastic. No complaints, no moaning, no tears. They were all so cold and so wet and yet were so completely thrilled to be a part of the pageant. I’m sure it will be something they will all be thrilled to be a part of, but so sad that the BBC, in particular, had such little regard for them and all other musicians taking part in the pageant.

  2. I have seen that happen more than once where children give their projects 100% and few if any witness the event. I am surely glad that the Queen was there to wave them on! Most likely, if they were playing grand pianos, they would be as ignored by the BBC. Perhaps a day will come when BBC recognizes even the simplest of events.

  3. Look, let’s face it. The BBC coverage of the flotilla and all its participants was a disgrace. The least they could have done was to make their way gradually down the flotilla, talking about each participant, some history and so on. Completely beyond them. I know Clare Balding has received some adverse comments for her participation, but the way she and Willie Carson covered the Derby should be a lesson for all coverage. Get experts like that in the right subject, and use them. Proms are coming up, and I’m sure we can look forward to some duffers there too. So sorry for all the kids as the borough music services do stunning work,

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I was so proud that my daughter was selected to be part of the Mayor’s Jubilee Band and was given the opportunity to be part of such an historical event. Like many others we stood and waited patiently for hours and watched with joy as the Westminster went by playing such wonderful and potent music fit for such a prestigious occasion. School staff, parents, families and friends watched diligently for a glimpse on TV. We couldn’t wait to catch up and relentlessly replay the moment once we got home. We quite literally could have cried when we realised that the hard work of everyone involved, not to mention the music written by Rachel Portman was not captured. Shame on the BBC for letting these kids down and failing to highlight the wonderful music that we witnessed on the Thames that day.

  5. Ruth Bond says:

    My son a performer on that boat and had put in a lot of hard work, as had all the other children and adults on there. I was totally bemused by the lack of coverage, seeing as they were formed for this event, how can you inspire people to take up music, if there is no coverage. The BBC commentator said, well the music people will be earning their money today, er i think not, these performers gave their time for nothing. My child felt it was an honour to be asked, but felt upset that they hadn’t been featured anywhere, i know for one i am extremely proud of THE MAYORS JUBILEE BAND :)

    • I have just watched the BBC news channel’s program inviting viewers to comment on recent coverage of the Royal pageant. Articulate and passionate complaints from viewers, but the BBC itself declined to provide an official spokesperson…….Disgraceful.

    • Juliet Moseley says:

      My son was also performing on the Westminster and I too was so disappointed that these brilliant young musicians didn’t even get a mention on the BBC. I sat through the whole of the dreary BBC coverage and also heard the comment made about the musicians earning their money (they should check their facts before making a comment like that!) There were only 10 music barges to follow, I really don’t think it would have been that hard to mention and show a little coverage of each. I complained to the BBC and got this response:

      Dear Mrs Moseley
      Thank you for taking the trouble to write to us about the BBC’s coverage of the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant.
      We forwarded your concerns to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 production team, who responded as follows:
      We accept that there were some elements within the broadcast that did not meet with everyone’s approval, and we will be looking back at the coverage in detail to assess the overall balance of factual content and tone across the programme.
      We will look carefully at any lessons that need to be learnt and re-invest these for the benefit of our future live event output.
      We are very grateful for your feedback in helping us do this.
      Finally, we’d like to assure you that your complaint has been registered on our audience log. This is an internal report of audience feedback that we compile on a daily basis and it’s made available to programme commissioners, channel executives and senior management.
      The audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content.
      Thanks once again for taking the time to contact us.
      Kind Regards
      BBC Complaints
      Congratulations to the Mayor’s Jubilee Band! You were brilliant!

  6. Chrissy Kinsella says:

    Hurrah for The Telegraph, who did list the Mayor’s Jubilee Band as one of the unsung heroes of the Diamond Jubilee:

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