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YouTube’s top pianist invades the Royal Box

It’s all part of the build-up for Valentina Lisitsa’s solo recital at the Royal Albert Hall.

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  1. I confess to being a big fan of Valentina, having heard her play three recitals in person as well as all her
    youtube offerings.
    No pianist is perfect, and she has her strengths and weaknesses, but I finding myself “pulling” for her as we say in the USA, partly because she lives in my state of North Carolina. She has managed to achieve a kind of success in a highly competitive field through sheer grit and determination (in addition to her talent). Who can fault her for that? Think of all the wannabes and also-rans in every field who have given up, and then consider what she has accomplished at last, at the late age of 39. (Late for prodigies!)
    The musical world is changing rapidly, and she has been able to catch the wave of change.

  2. Peter Freeman says:

    With respect, the box she climbed into is not the Royal Box. It is the only double, one level up, slightly off centre on the opposite side, with a crown above it.

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