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Which world famous conductor was middleman for jailed violin dealer?

Dietmar Machold, the Austrian violin dealer with a taste for fine castles, had his bail application rejected again this week. He’s being held on multiple theft and fraud charges and apparently struggles to remember the whereabouts of 17 or 18 Stradivarius instruments. Terrible thing, selective memory loss (known these days as Murdoch Syndrome).

But there might be someone who can help him. In a report on his remand hearing, der Standard mentioned an ‘internationally renowned foreign conductor’ who acted as go-between in several violin sales and took a handsome commission that Machold paid in cash or kind, causing havoc to his account keeping.

Murdoch syndrome aside, Machold’s truthfulness can be called into question. But if there is any basis for his allegation, one famous maestro may be sweating rather more than usual under concert lights.

Read Der Standard here.

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  1. Was going to ask names of 4″ major” name violin dealers who don’t seemingly fall into crook category
    but reason suggests two will do if one is lucky .

  2. It could be a conductor who was affiliated with the NJ Symphony. They would have the requisite experience in fishy instrument deals.

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