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What are Universal executives paid?

It used to be considered a privilege to work in the music business. Now there are other attractions.

According to a survey by Digital Music News, some 25 senior executives are on salaries of more than $1 million a year – and that’s before bonus.

This, notes, DMN, represents a marked improvement since Lucian Grainge took over as chairman. There used to be more than 30 desk-jockey millionaires at Universal. Grainge must have fired a few. Mostly Americans, it’s assumed, since the chairman is known to prefer Brits.

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  1. Wanderer says:

    And most of them don’t even love, let’s not even start about “knowing about”, MUSIC. Or what is their business? Maybe they actually sell something else, music seems to be a contributing factor only these days, best case.

  2. Neil van der Linden says:

    With artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, U2 and Rihanna around, it is not surprising that the big shots may go for the big money. I notice however that the original Dutch signature of grandparent Philips records and the other gransparent Deutsche Gramophone/Polydor are completely out of sight. I wonder where the love of music and artistry is in the top, except for the desire to be seen with Lady Gaga and Bono (and having everybody wonder who is that man – there are no women in the top apparently – sitting next to her, or not even wondering).
    About the integration of EMI, Universal is already quite negligent about keeping for instance Philips’ magnificent back catalogue in stock (for instance check what in the past Philips had released of Berlioz by both Colin Davis and John Eliot Gardiner and what of it is still available outside Amazon market). So we might fear that in the future the offering becomes even less, and nobody might even bother to make all those gems available officially on MP3 – but who wants to download a complete Ring by Solti or even a compete Damnation the Faust by Davis in the format it is offered now? That is for those want to have one single Rihanna song on their iPod. OK, Davis’ Damnation is not making huge amounts of money, but there will always be a stable niche for that, like EMI understood, although EMI went down, but because of the wrong businessmen handling it.
    in other words, where are the music lovers in the business?
    And to prove that love for music in the end pays: in fact Universal’s future is not even that bright, the last outings of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga struggled a bit. To compare: by a strike of luck Sony got Adele – I dont have her album but she is a sincere and original artist. And her second album is on the way to being sold ten million copies in the US alone, defying many laws of commercial pre-programmed pop. Although Sony pop boss Rick Rubin personally produced two or three tracks of her album, the album did not even cost that much to make, nor to promote. And the fact that Rick Rubin himself got involved means that somewhere up there there was someboy who believed that good music could just sell as good music.
    I am now omitting the fact that Sony also has a deal with the ultra-commercial X factor reality music show. But whie it is ultra-commercial, some fun products are coming out of that too. And it will consolidate the position of Sony for years, while Universal is very dependent on the next expensive stunts by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.
    That DG contracted Daniel Barenboim with the East-West Diwan orchestra hardly counts commercially. And they fired Thieleman.

  3. Neil van der Linden says:

    So mark my words, while the bosses are feasting, Universal/EMI will gradually move into the second class tier. Like Warner/WEA had already done, since the demise of such music lovers like Ahmed Ertegun.

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