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This finalist is son and grandson of past prize winners

All true-blooded Belgians are backing their fellow-citizen Mark Bouchkov in the finals this week of the Reine Elisabeth violin competition.

Not many know that his father, Evegeny Bushkov, came third for Russia in 1989.

And his grandmother, Zoria Shikmurzaeva, came fourth in 1963.


This boy has a pedigree that must be unequalled in any competition.

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  1. Romuald Sztern says:

    The “granny ” as a young woman has a warmth of sound and a nobility of feeling that we seldom encounter today. The trust in the music one performs , the feeling that a performer has to “feel in ” a piece instead of showing off may it even be ones sensitivity, is something almost lost in the mad rush to stick out in the crowded field of today. Almost fell in love just from hearing the Fauré . Piano playing is also top-notch.

    • Stuart Green says:

      Absolutely right,what a beautiful sound,if she came 4th who won? Oistrakh maybe?

  2. I’m holding my thumbs for Josef Spacek, a truly excellent violinist with a great mind.

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