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The opera house that recycles absolutely everything (even Wagner)

Glyndebourne may be the first with a wind turbine, but Karlsruhe has gone one better.

Every scrap of material that is used on singers or stage gets reused in the next show, or the next but one. They even call in old CDs – and I’m happy to contribute some of mine – to glitter up the backdrop.

The acme of greenness at Karlsruhe  is a new opera by Franz Schwemmer opening this weekend. It’s called Robin Hood, about a man who lived in a forest, near Nottingham.

He recycled wealth, if I remember right, from rich to poor. Go see the opera. Save the planet.

Here’s more.

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  1. Which bit of Wagner are they reusing for what?

  2. Norman Lebrecht never lets us forget that, not only is classical music serious, it’s serious business….

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