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The Hall of the Mountain Kings is down in the Metro

Players in the Copenhagen Philharmonic have a tough rush-hour ride to rehearsal in the morning, so they decided to start work on Peer Gynt on the way. What’s cool about this new video is that the sounds, we’re told, are genuine – no noise filters, no remixing. If that’s so, the Metro in Copenhagen must be the quietest in the civlised world.

Boris, are you watching?

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  1. Wow Norman! This is simply wonderful! The sound is so unique! Incredible. Wish that would happen on my commute…

  2. Lovely to see the commuter’s reactions too.

  3. musiker says:

    Love it.
    Absolutely fabulous.
    More please!

  4. Wonderful! After the exceptional bolero from last year, Copenhagen Philharmonic IMHO absolutely reconfirmed its position as world’s No.1 in classical flashmobs. Congratulations to everyone involved!

  5. A Haigh says:

    The CBSO could try it on one of the cross city lines in Birmingham – it’s certainly a fab addition to any commute!

  6. I will be very happy if the DNRSO will so open and FAIR-PLAY with the orchestra position (the oboe position for example) as this video is showing how democratic and nice is this orchestra.

    Since more then 4 years the DNRSO -Danish National Symphony Orchestra is advertising the solo oboe and English horn position, without giving the job to no-one!

    Please have a look to the next website.

    More than that, starting with the economical problems in Europe we, the musicians from all the Europe, we observe a very nationalist way for each country to give a REAL chance TODAY for us as musicians to play, for example in Scandinavian orchestras.

    This is our reality, other stuffs are just simply propaganda.

    My best regards to all of yours.

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