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Simon Cowell’s desperate lifeline: ‘the British Pavarotti’

Watching Britain’s Got Talent go up in smoke as the nation voted for a dog, Simon Cowell reckoned he could squeeze a few dregs from the disaster.

Barely was the dog crowned winner than Cowell’s flaks were onto the Mirror’s 3 am desk, telling them that the mogul was pushing ahead with the runnerup, Jonathan Antoine, who was going to be groomed as ‘the British Pavarotti.’

Cowell has put him together with the Charlotte Church guru Jonathan Shalit, and together they will make his (read: their) fortune.

What Jonathan has in common with Luciano is a high voice and weight issues. The latter never bothered Pavarotti, who made them his trademark. Jonathan seems rather more fragile. I hope he survives the Cowell machine.

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  1. Stuart Green says:

    Having just watched and listened to three wonderfully talented young musicians in the final of BBC Young musician of 2012 one can only feel despair at the values of a country where a dancing dog act can walk away with 1/2 a million pounds.

  2. No sooner than the pair began singing, did the audience start roaring. There must be something else operational in group dynamics – a sense of expectation, then boom – everyone goes hysterical!
    The guy has a very good voice but I suspect he is doing more than a bit of pushing with the breath here and possible artificial darkening of the tones. He is young and still has to go through the rigorous training that even Pavarotti submitted to if he wants to have a career in singing.

  3. Graf Nugent says:

    As a former audience member of the Jerry Springer Show, I need to tell you that the studio audience is manipulated by the stage managers, who rehearse your spontaneous reactions for a good hour before the show starts. Having heard Susan Boyle’s and Jonathan Antoine’s performances, I cannot imagine that British TV had not taken this particular lesson on board.

    Jonathan’s natural voice has potential, but this artificial circus is liable to give him a heart attack.

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