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Renee Fleming has just tweeted she’s singing for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Several names were added today to Gary Barlow’s lineup for June 4, including the only classical singer other than Alfie Boe.

The original lineup consisted of Shirley Bassey, Alfie Boe, Jools Holland, Jessie J, JLS, Elton John, Tom Jones, Lang Lang, Annie Lennox, Madness, Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Cliff Richard, Ed Sheeran and Stevie Wonder.

Today’s extras are: Grace Jones, Robbie Williams, Sir Tom Jones, Ed Sheeran and Ms Fleming, who was added, apparently for her experience of singing at President Obama’s inauguration.

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  1. Mark Pemberton says:

    Shouldn’t it be a British singer? Or from the Commonwealth?

  2. What about Jackie Evancho?

  3. Emil Archambault says:

    Will she do like she did at the Last Night of the Proms, and wave an American flag while singing Rule Britannia?

  4. richard carlisle says:

    What a downer– after a pretense of disinterest (as voiced by her fans) in the Russian Opera event, she would condescend to join all those pop people and a classic blender like Lang Lang (crossover is more than enough syllables and means nothing) … Jackie sticks with classic blend, no forays into pop.

    • Tim Newton says:

      But perhaps she’s been asked to cover Radiohead for HRH.

    • Your comment is highly confusing. What does performing in Russia again, as she has done repeatedly, have to do with performing for the Queen, who is the one member of the Royal Family for whom she has never performed?

      What does the Jubilee British state performance for our closest ally have to do with an oligarch event in a country that opposes us repeatedly?

      Please elaborate your thoughts.

      • richard carlisle says:

        First, to avoid appearing as one more instigator of fire fights at every opportunity, I’ll state my guiding principle:

        Strive not to influence others but simply seek and share shelter in a valley of truth nestled between mountains of deceit and deception.

        With that established, let me proceed with a discussion of tradition — perhaps not simply defined — it is for me something that begins evolving when an important event happens more than once and involves the same people– an intangible thing we for some reason value..

        Renee, after appearing two years ago in an important celebration in St. Petersburg with the same baritone, Dmitri, would in keeping with the thought of tradition be expected to return.

        If tradition — or the beginning of one — is of no importance then why do anything based on tradition…. what kind of new world would we have then… think about it.

        • Richard Carlisle,

          I sometimes read your posts and feel I’m being punk’ed. Shame on me if this is the case.

          Fleming is appearing before Her Majesty and other royals in a state function that will be televised to an available audience of at least hundreds of millions in at least half a dozen countries, including the US.

          Or, assuming she changed her entire schedule, she could appear at a Russian thinly-veiled political event and sing a few songs that no one will ever see in Western Europe or the US.

          • richard carlisle says:

            It would have been a perfect PR patch if the oligarchs had said Renee wasn’t available and Jackie was the only other high-profile para-opera American performer… it would have avoided any speculation that Renee wasn’t invited for whatever reason including degrading her art with pop forays.

            Did you mean the Russian event won’t be seen in the West— not even a multi-million-hit youtube?

            And you seem uninterested in tradition…. there could be a Janey Dictionary and rule book for winning arguments…. first, you would delete the rule: no hyphen after …ly except for the word family; then delete the word tradition; OMG imagine we get forced into an arranged marriage, kicking and screaming all the way of course, and a week later after surprising bedded bliss, just as I’m recovering from your choice of a black dress, you announce “It’s been fine but no traditions here, time to try other partners”… and then a few weeks later after paying our bills with our combined incomes you suggest becoming street beggars for a change of pace, another kind of tradition-preventer.

            Please admit you have some respect for tradition and that it would be a reason Renee would be pleased and be expected to perform in Russia.

            Her Brit performance could be in addition rather than choosing beween the two as you seem to imply
            the position she’s in… she seems comfortable with the pop world that is to be well represented there, and another way to cash in by resorting to pop may be important for whatever financial pressures may exist.

            Why don’t we work together, consider the issues objectively and attempt a reasonable resolution to what has been a convoluted conflict.

      • stopexploitingjackie says:

        PS: but I dare say that most fans of Jackie Evancho have no idea what an “Oligarch” is or would have the slightest notion about how to look up a word like that in the dictionary.

    • stopexploitingjackie says:

      I’m no Royalist.
      But if any self-respecting artist had the choice between performing for the Queen and a Russian Oligarch, I think I know which concert most people would opt for.

  5. Have to agree that these positions should have gone to members of the Commonwealth. That would rule out Ms. Fleming and Lang Lang too…

  6. Garet Hartshorn says:

    I have read through many of the comments from this gentleman, saying that, I must agree with him. Jackie should not be singing his beloved tunes, because he and others like him do not appreciate her efforts. I understand Jackie’s only goal was to entertain and pursue her (her’s) dreams, she is doing just that…so I think she should have the right to do so.

    I have read all sorts of intrusions from this group and it appears to me that they are trying to purify their craft, is that what is being done? Does this intrusion, include all crossover classicals? I mean Josh Groban didn’t have the severe training I have heard is necessary to sing OPRAH. Celine Dion didn’t either and don’t mention Barbara. Look I know there is a need for critical analysis, but you guys are not being critical your are showing bias and anger…direct your comments to someone who will heed your thoughts because quite frankly I love to hear her sing. Her music soothes my violate nature, unlike any other that sings oprah. If this offends, you obviously don’t like her music and should move on.

    • richard carlisle says:

      Dear Garet Hartshorn-

      Just a reminder: Oprah is the first name of a famous talk show host; opera is the word for classical dramatic stage singing– I think the one you mean.

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